When Do You Start Spring Cleaning?

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Spring is here, well not officially, but it’s been pretty warm. This puts me in a cleaning, throwing away, and donating mood.

When we had the floors refinished, we realized we didn’t want to move a lot of our furniture back. It’s not that it didn’t fit, it’s that we now prefer a cleaner and less cluttered look.

I suspect there might be another garage sale in our future. For once we both want a less cluttered life.

I tried selling some of this stuff on Craigslist, but I have had the worst luck. Nearly everyone who called us were miles away. I realize we’re in the middle of nowhere special, but all the calls were from the outskirts of the selling region for where I placed the ad. Too far a drive for most people.

We could donate this stuff, but there again is another bee in my bonnet. Not a single charity we called would come out to our place. Not. One. We had to lug all our stuff last year, but I’ve had enough. If a charity wants our donation they’ll have to come to us. This stuff is heavy! And I have a husband with bad knees. I refuse to let him hurt himself any longer.

We have some expenses coming up this year, so making a little extra cash would help. Greg definitely needs a new truck. Our old Dodge Durango is almost 20 years old with over 300,000 miles. It’s time to retire the old workhorse.

Our road has to be re-graveled too, along with two driveways. And then there’s the fence project continually hanging on the horizon. We really need to get that done this year. None of these projects are cheap, but they are necessary. On a fixed income, it becomes a test of strategy to figure out when to purchase what first.

There’s also Greg’s knees to consider, a yearlong project in itself. Insurance will cover most of it, but those deductibles add up.

I like to do a thorough cleaning and sorting at least three times a year, both in the house and out in the farm in general. Spring is the big one, followed by a mini clean and sort in Summer and another big push in Fall before the holidays settle in. I reserve Winter for unadulterated hibernation.

How about you? Do you Spring clean? Do you do it more than once a year?

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  1. We’ll be in this house a year next month, so I guess I’ll have to spring clean this year, LOL. It was pretty clean when we bought it, but it does need a good going over this year. Probably start it in a week or two (maybe). We are hoping for a big tax refund to do our next round of home improvements. It is hard to know which to work on first, but main priority will be getting a fence around the pool now that the wee one is walking (he isn’t outside walking yet and we have double locks on all the doors and I watch him like a hawk, but it was our priority when we bought the house last year πŸ™‚


  2. I don’t spring clean…we pay a woman not too much to come and clean every other week. Our neighbor has her do a deep cleaning several times a year. I guess I should think about doing that! I do occasionally get a big trash bag and throw a bunch of clothes in it to take to the donation place. I’m not a fan of clutter.

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