This Week’s Menu, July 30, 2017

Menu for the week of July 30, 2017

Breakfast: Blueberry pancakes
Early Dinner: Braised short ribs with noodles

Breakfast: Bacon and eggs
Early Dinner: Shrimp in lemon butter orzo

Breakfast: Orange Danish
Early Dinner: Steak and potatoes

Breakfast: Leftover pancakes
Early Dinner: Sauteed frog legs in garlic butter–Not everyone’s kind of meal, but I love it!

Breakfast: Leftover steak and eggs
Early Dinner: Soup and salad

Breakfast: Breakfast burritos
Early Dinner: Baked cod

Breakfast: Breakfast out since we’ll be hitting garage sales
Early Dinner: Fajitas


The garden very quickly fizzled out. Not much likes to grow in the heat other than okra and sweet potatoes. The tomatoes and peppers will probably come back in the fall. I still have a couple of watermelons left too. I’ll need to harvest them this week.

I’m having a hard time typing today. I cut my left pinky finger a third of the way down from the nail to the flesh. I didn’t slice the entire nail off which will hurt like the dickens once that nail gets nudged. For now I’ve got it in a makeshift splint to try to keep the nail immovable–at least until I can decide whether to rip off what’s left or try to wait for the cut half of the nail to grow to the quick.

It was the last of the pears that did it. I was cutting them into quarters and cooking them in a little sugar before they went bad. I’ll be feeding them to the pigs and chickens.

We have some fence work to do today so I need to be extra careful. I think I have a hard plastic finger splint somewhere. I’ll have to go without a glove, but I think it would be better to keep the pinky protected. It’s pretty tender right now.

I should’ve paid more attention, but the fruit was soft and my fingers slipped onto the oncoming blade. At least it was only one finger.

Have you ever had a kitchen accident?



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  1. Maria the accidents of my fingers and knives have been lifelong, from barely slicing myself to all out deep jabs the result of which is that I no longer slice vegetables or meat very often to avoid blood and pain.

    Just to let you know the sign-up subscription box worked but it also resulted in getting three posts for today’s offering in the one email.

  2. Ouch on your accident! Just minor ones here, but my SIL had one that she was cutting an avocado and somehow ended up with a serious injury to her hand with potential nerve damage (luckily that didn’t occur). I’m curious about the frog legs. Not sure I ever heard anyone eating them (and enjoying them). I grew up with a mom on a tight budget. We did some unique meat (beef tongue, rabbit, etc.) but never frog legs.


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