This Week’s Menu, January 21, 2018

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Menu for the week of January 21, 2018

Breakfast: Bacon and eggs
Early Dinner: Baked chicken

Breakfast: Bagels and juice
Early Dinner: Pork stir fry (recipe)

Breakfast: Bean and cheese breakfast burrito
Early Dinner: Spaghetti with homemade sauce

Breakfast: Homemade waffles (recipe)
Early Dinner: Leftover chicken

Breakfast: Corned beef hash and eggs
Early Dinner: Nacho plate with spicy beef (recipe)

Breakfast: Leftover waffles
Early Dinner: Red fish with quinoa

Breakfast: Cheese quesadillas
Early Dinner: Vegetable stir fry with shrimp fried rice


We’re over our cold snap…for now. Last winter was so mild it hardly felt like winter. This winter we keep getting the lower rim of the arctic blast the north faces regularly. Their infrastructure is set up for cold weather. Ours is not. When we hit 10 degrees, it’s a serious problem. Many of our friends and neighbors have busted pipes.

Every year, if it looks like it’ll dip below freezing, we turn off all the outside pipes and flush the lines with compressed air so there’s no water left in the system. This means none of our animals have running water, so we go out several times a day to bring them warm drinking water. It’s more work, but it also means we have no busted pipes.

There’s nothing worse than having to fix a water pipe in cold weather.

The weather is better now. The long range forecast says no more freezes for at least ten days so it should be safe to get back to normal. Come on February!


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  1. Angela Brown

    I’ve heard a few coworkers discussing the busted water pipes situation. We really aren’t built for cold weather here in Texas, certainly not over extended periods of time.

    • Angela: It was 70 yesterday! I think the part that’s the most work is the temps swing so wildly from one day to the next.

      Glad you’re not dealing with any busted pipes. It’s miserable living without water in the winter.

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