This Week’s Menu, December 3, 2017

Menu for the week of December 3, 2017

Breakfast: Waffles
Early Dinner: Lamb chops with roasted potatoes

Breakfast: Bagels with a schmear
Early Dinner: Stuffed red fish

Breakfast: Leftover waffles
Early Dinner: Pannini sandwiches with prosciutto and spinach

Breakfast: Spinach omelette
Early Dinner: Pepper steak stir fry with steamed rice

Breakfast: Cheese quesadillas
Early Dinner: Lynn’s pot roast (recipe)

Breakfast: Corned beef hash and egg casserole
Early Dinner: Leftover meat loaf

Breakfast: Homemade egg McMuffin
Early Dinner: Leftover pot roast

Christmas shopping is done. The house (interior) is decorated. I’m waffling on whether to have a Christmas get together with friends and neighbors. I’d like to but I’ve been so tired lately, falling asleep at ridiculously early hours. I think it’s just my body telling me I’m burning the candle at both ends.

As I’m writing this, I can tell you I went to bed at 7pm last night and woke up at 1am this morning. I forced myself to go back to bed but it was next to useless. Now I’ll have to force myself to stay up today so I can get back to a normal schedule.

What do you do when your internal clock is out of whack? Do you power through it or give in to nature?


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  1. Angela Brown

    I’m still working on Christmas stuff, mostly just moving plans and seeing if I can sneak one or two things into my budget for my Chipmunk. She’s said she’s good with not getting anything since we are moving to a new place with a yard, finally, for Molly, yet the mom in me wants to get one something that she’d like.

    Will work on that and seeing if I can figure out this thing you refer to as a “normal” schedule. 🙂

    • Angela: I don’t think you have to worry about D. That little girl has her head on straight. If money gets super tight you can always do some free things, like a big night out where a neighborhood likes to do Christmas lights.

  2. RE: “What do you do when your internal clock is out of whack? Do you power through it or give in to nature?”

    I have a 2 part answer for you Maria.

    Before MS powered through and made myself stay awake to reset my internal clock back to it’s preferred by me schedule.

    After MS there are days when it still works for me but quite honestly there are many more days when the fatigue becomes so overwhelming that my body shuts down whether I want it to or not. I literally “run out of gas”.

    7 pm is early but try having to hit the pillow at 5:30 or 6 pm even after taking a nap earlier that day. It becomes a real pain when I then wake up at 1 Am or 2 Am and cannot sleep again until daylight hits when it is time for me to eat breakfast.

    • Jackie: MS just throws a monkey wrench into anything you want to do. The rules of “normal” go straight out the window.

      You do what you need to do to keep body and soul together.

      PS It took three days but I am almost back to normal. Today I woke up at 3am, but according to my Fitbit watch I was able to go back into light sleep for almost two hours.

  3. I haven’t done much with lamb. Mainly because I’m not sure how to cook lamb (or veal) (is veal the same as lamb?) Haven’t done much with pork either other than ham, though my mom did make great pork chops when we were growing up.

    I can suffer from insomnia. I try to keep a consistent wake/sleep cycle and take an occasional power nap (less than 20 minutes) if needed some days.


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