This Week’s Menu, August 20, 2017

Menu for the week of August 20, 2017

Breakfast: Spinach omelette
Early Dinner: Beef fajitas

Breakfast: Breakfast burritos
Early Dinner: Whole roasted chicken

Breakfast: Up in the air: Greg might have to see the dentist
Early Dinner: Lynn’s pot roast (recipe here)

Breakfast: Corned beef hash and eggs
Early Dinner: Leftover chicken

Breakfast: French toast
Early Dinner: Leftover pot roast

Breakfast: Cheese and beef quesadillas
Early Dinner: Taco night with the last of the chicken

Breakfast: Breakfast out since we’ll be hitting garage sales
Early Dinner: Pan-fried trout


Dental woes. Greg’s cap has become loose. He’s trying to wait until it’s really loose before he goes to the dentist. (Don’t ask me why. I would’ve gone in right away.) I can’t imagine it will be much longer though. We’ll see if he can make it until Monday.

Tilly the pig is on a countdown. We’re waiting for slightly cooler weather before we put her in the freezer. Right now she has enough food for two weeks. If it’s still too hot I’ll have to buy another bag of food. I’ll settle for the mid 80s.

Waiting on Mother Nature now.







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  1. Hope things work out okay for Greg and his cap. Dental woes are no fun and no joke.

    Also hope Mother Nature gives you what you need regarding Tilly. It would be good to get that taken care of as we go into this next season.

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