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Are you planning a vacation this year? I was kind of hoping we’d visit family and friends this year, but with Greg’s knee surgery on the horizon, I don’t know if it’ll happen. I’d rather get him well than force him to hobble from place to place.

We do plan a couple of mini retreats to some conferences we’d like to attend. One will be for Mother Earth News, the other is still up in the air since it will be around the time Greg might have surgery.

I’m babysitting Ozzy, my friend’s little schnauzer next week while she goes gallivanting around London. Da bum! (I can call her that. I love her to bits!)

She always goes on amazing trips. Australia, China, Japan, France, England. I must live vicariously through her as she regales me about the things she’s seen and done.

She’s going to miss Highclere Castle (Downton Abby) though. Wrong time of year. It’s on my bucket list. That and to visit my good friend, author Mike Keyton and his family.

Although we probably won’t visit my family this year, there’s a good chance several of them will visit me. One sister is moving to Arizona, so the high desert might be calling us in the next couple of years too.

I like weekend getaways. I’ve done enough staycations to last a lifetime, so I’m anxious to get out and see something other than goats and chickens. They always appreciate me more when I come back.

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Are you going anywhere in 2017? Is there any one place on your bucket list that you’d like to visit?

Mountains? Beach? City or Country? I’m a cross between museum hound and rock climber, so I teeter between mountains and big cities. I’d like to go back to Italy some day, but Greg doesn’t have much interest in his ancestral homeland.

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  1. We’re all about vacation here. And conventions. We’ve got two cruises planned. One out of Ft. Lauderdale and one out of Long Beach, CA, which will be longer-than-usual vacation for us. Daughter is playing Australian Rules Football in San Diego next October, so we’re going out to see that. Then we’ll drive up to Santa Barbara to visit my parents for a few days. Then back to Long Beach to pick up that cruise before heading home. I’m really looking forward to that trip. I miss California!

    As for my bucket list? Hmmm… I guess I’d like to see Australia and New Zealand. And I’d like to get there via a cruise. That would be the best!

    Hope you’re able to take a trip this year. It’s always nice to get away, even if it’s an extended weekend.

  2. I’m more of a homebody. I do like day trips and short getaways though. I love our state of FL because in only a matter of driving a few hours you can see something different, be somewhere new. 🙂

    One of my favorite trips ever was to Florence, Italy. It was years ago, but I still remember it.

  3. Angela Brown

    This past Christmas time off from work was an amazingly relaxing staycation with my daughter and our furbaby. 2017 will be a year of more staycation for financial reasons, but I intend to jaunt to the west coast for a couple of days for a bit of birthday R & RT.

    Hoping for more vacations and expanding my daughter’s horizons in 2018.

  4. With one exception, we expect this year to be devoted to visiting family. We have a Panama Canal cruise with friends in March. Beyond that, it’s Pacific Northwest, Texas (probably at Christmas), and San Diego. That’s enough, I’m thinking. I’m sort of burned out on travel.

    I would like to return to Hawaii sometime. We’ve never been to the big island, so that’s on our list. I like Stacy’s idea of cruising to faraway places, so a cruise to Hawaii (but not a cruise “tour” – I just want to get there) sounds great. I’d cruise to Australia, too. But not this year.

  5. Marlene: That’s a lot of traveling for one year. Christmas in Texas is almost always nice. The weather is still pleasant. The most you’ll need is a sweater or light jacket.

    I’m on the fence with cruises. I think if we spent the big money and took a luxury cruise it would be nice, but I don’t like being crowded, especially on a confined space where I’m stuck.

    One of my friends was on a cruise that made the news a few years ago. They were stranded without power. The crew kept the passengers liquored up so they wouldn’t notice how hot it was. No a/c. 🙁

  6. We’re going to have to synchronise our bucket lists, Maria. Mine is a visit to Texas and some good friends of ours who live in Terrell We have the Welsh choirs already rehearsing for your visit. Ref staycations I love them because we live in a beautiful spot, but ref a comment you made about cruises this is a bugbear because i’m keen and B is not. Remember, I planned on being a ships cook when I was 15. Always wanted to go to sea. Liverpool background. I explored websites recently selling berths on merchant ships only to find they weren’t all that much cheaper than cruises. Still who knows what tomorrow might bring

  7. Mike: I’d like to take a cruise for the experience, but I think I would be bored. I much prefer to go exploring.

    Poor Greg. When we met he had this wild idea to buy a catamaran and sail around the world. Then he discovered I was afraid of water.

  8. If you ever make it to Arizona, let me know 🙂

    Its too early in the year to talk vacation here with hubby. He gets so many hours of PTO compared to what I get (almost 3:1). I think we might do a series of short getaways over long weekends. I don’t fly, so everything needs to be doable by car. It is good though to get away, even if it is just too far away and only for a few days.


    • Betty: I will!

      I love car trips. I don’t mind planes, but I don’t particularly care to fly if I can avoid it.

      Someday I’d like to take a good old fashioned train ride. I haven’t been on a train since I was a little kid.

  9. I did all my traveling when I was young and more ambulatory. 🙂 My guy and I still like to get away for the day or a weekend a few times every year. It’s hard to get away for longer with both of our work schedules, but once he retires we may be able to manage a week. I’d like to see Arizona, which is one of the few states I haven’t yet visited, and maybe more of Washington State.

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