Turn a Wine Rack into a Towel Caddy


The bathroom off the hallway is what I call the mudroom. It’s where I wash dogs, me, and any assorted beasts that come in for a short time. It’s also the smallest bathroom in our home which means there isn’t a lot of room for extras. There’s one wall cabinet to hold all my towels and essentials, and that’s it.

To say the least I go through a lot of towels wtowel caddy1hen I wash dogs, or when wet dogs come in after a hard rain. I needed more towel space without taking up any more of my valuable cabinet space.

One day I spied this at a garage sale for a dollar. It’s a heavy metal wine rack, compact and sturdy. That’s when I got the idea for my new towel caddy.

This sits near the base of my pedestal sink, away from traffic but still easily accessible before wet dogs can make a beeline to my nice, soft cloth couch.


The towels are neatly rolled up so you can’t tell by looking at towel caddy2them that they’re just cheap rags I keep just for mud duty.  Plus it’s much easier to pull one out of the ‘wine rack’ than snatching it from the cabinet. For some reason when they’re neatly folded in the cabinet, I can’t grab one without it grabbing all the towels beneath it.


What do you think? Would it work for you? Have you ever used something for something other than it’s original use?



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    • Angela: Actually, the real wine rack is a source of irritation for me because the original owners built it into the cabinet area. Unfortunately, it’s almost impossible to clean or dust. I want it gone, preferably replaced with a wine cooler but we haven’t found one that will fit in that spot.

    • Mike: My apologies. My spam police is still putting you in moderation. I can’t figure out what its criteria is so I can at least tell you how to get in without all this hassle. I’m so sorry. I had hoped it had learned by now.

      re: wine and towels
      Greg is the only one who drinks so wine lasts a long time. Wine is more of a decorative touch for me. 🙂

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