This Week’s Menu, September 4, 2016

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Menu for the week of September 4, 2016

Breakfast: Pancakes
Lunch: Roast beef sandwiches
Dinner: Pasta primavera

Monday: Labor Day!
Breakfast: Corned beef hash and eggs
Lunch: We’ll probably skip lunch and have an early dinner.
Dinner: Grilled chicken with corn on the cob and potato salad

Breakfast: Leftover pancakes
Lunch: Another early dinner and no lunch
Dinner: Spare ribs with baked beans

Breakfast: Bagels with cream cheese
Lunch: Grilled cheese sandwiches
Dinner:  Leftover ribs

Breakfast: Orange Danish
Lunch: Chicken salad sandwiches
Dinner:  Grilled pot roast and roasted potatoes

Breakfast: Steak and eggs
Lunch: Corn dogs
Dinner: Steak salad

Breakfast: Breakfast out.
Lunch: Chips and dip
Dinner: Fajitas


We made it to Trade Days in Canton, Tx on Saturday, but we came away empty handed. No piglet, no new rabbits, and no quail. There were several pigs I was interested in, but the owner never showed up even though we visited his stall twice. Oh, well.

The trip wasn’t a total loss, we spent a couple hundred dollars on hay for the winter. I think we have enough hay stored now but we have room for 20 more bales if we want to make another trip. That should easily keep us in hay until next June.

I miscalculated one year and ended up paying twice the going rate at the local feed store. It was a tough year, and I doled that hay out like it was gold. I never want to go through that again.

This is Labor Day weekend in the US, which means lots of barbecues and beer for the grill-masters. In a way, that makes it easier for me. Greg grills so much food, it lasts all week. All I have to do is come up with side dishes.

If you’ve noticed, I notched a couple of lunches as “no lunch”. Lately, and I don’t know why this is, but we haven’t been particularly hungry. We’ve been missing lunch on purpose, or eating a big lunch and skipping dinner. Not that we can’t afford to miss a few meals. 🙂

To finish off my week, I’ve been without internet for three and a half days. It finally came up again late Saturday. It’s amazing how much the loss of internet affects our daily lives. I don’t mean social media, but practical things like paying bills online, replying to emails, or starting one of my cover jobs. If I can’t browse art files, I can’t get started on the work.

It’s really thrown my schedule into disarray since I do most of my blog posts on the weekend. Now I have to hustle for that too. The internet hasn’t been very reliable either. It’s gone up and down all night. I’m hoping by the time I schedule this, it’ll be during one of it’s “up” times.

And no, I still haven’t finished the last two ceilings. Earlier in the week, we had a severe storm front move through the area. That meant the sinus headache from hell, and a whacked out equilibrium. I didn’t want to be climbing ladders while I was that dizzy. The dizzy spells last a long time too. I’m only just now managing not to bump into things.

If you’re in the US, are you celebrating Labor Day with a BBQ? Are you working Labor Day?


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  1. We do that on the weekends with having a bigger breakfast and then skipping lunch. I tend to have a small lunch on work days, usually some lunch meat and cheese. I do like the advantages of grilling in making a lot of food for the week, anything to make mealtimes easier I think 🙂

    We will be barbecuing tomorrow for Labor Day. I do have to work, but if the work runs out, then I’m off for the rest of the day 🙂


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