This Week’s Menu, May 21, 2017

Menu for the week of May 21, 2017

Breakfast: Bacon and eggs
Lunch: skipping lunch
Dinner: Spaghetti

Breakfast: Orange Danish
Lunch: Soup
Dinner: Mexican lasagna

Breakfast: Oatmeal
Lunch: Dogs on a bun
Dinner: Leftover spaghetti

Breakfast: Breakfast burritos
Lunch: Grilled cheese
Dinner: Fried trout

Breakfast: Oatmeal
Lunch: Macaroni and cheese
Dinner: Pork ribs

Breakfast: Orange Danish
Lunch: Pasta salad
Dinner: Pizza night

Breakfast: Breakfast out since we’ll be hitting garage sales
Lunch: Leftover nacho plate
Dinner: Chinese

It’s the week leading up to Memorial Day weekend. It’s getting hot out now. We try to get back into the house no later than 11am. Before long, even that will be too late. It’s my last big push to get the outside chores finished before crematoria sets in. Everything is looking good.

My goal this week is to start a few eggs in the incubator. I thought my brother’s kids might like to see chicks hatching. We could use a few replacements for next year. (Chickens, not kids.)  🙂

Are you ready for summer–or if you’re at the other end of the planet, winter?


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  1. We had spaghetti tonight 🙂 Enough leftover for Wednesday night (leftovers of another dish tomorrow night for dinner 🙂 We are gearing up for those hot summer days. Pool is warming up and might be ready for a dip in it this weekend (should be with temps forecasted in the 100s and nighttime lows not dropping much below 75 degrees).


  2. Betty: I like pasta better than my Italian husband. 🙂 If I know he won’t want spaghetti twice in one week, I split the pasta and make Chinese lo mein with the leftovers. If there’s extra sauce from the spaghetti dinner, I freeze it for next time.

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