This Week’s Menu, May 13, 2018

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Menu for the week of May 13, 2018

Sunday: Mother’s Day
Breakfast: Cheese quesadillas
Early Dinner: Chinese takeout

Breakfast: Pancakes
Early Dinner: Roast chicken

Breakfast: Migas
Early Dinner: Meat loaf

Breakfast: Leftover Pancakes
Early Dinner: Chicken and potatoes

Breakfast: Sausage and eggs
Early Dinner: Leftover meat loaf

Breakfast: Orange Danish
Early Dinner: Pizza

Breakfast: Breakfast out while we hunt garage sales
Early Dinner: Fajitas

We had our community garage sale Friday and Saturday. What a weekend. We’re exhausted! We moved a lot of stuff. As far as big stuff goes, there was only one end table left and a large wooden easel. The rest were odds and ends that can go in the donation bin.

We made some nice folding money and we decluttered a lot. A win on both counts.

Garage sales are funny things. You can go for hours without anything happening or you can have ten minutes with a dozen people pushing money in your face. That’s how it was for us.

I was so happy to see some of the big stuff go like giant aquariums and assorted furniture. I was happy to give it away as long as someone else hauled it off.

But now we’re pooped. We have company later today, but after that we’re going to sleep until we can’t sleep anymore.

Today is Mother’s Day. I hope all you moms have a wonderful day!


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