This Week’s Menu, March 27, 2016

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Menu for the week of March 27, 2016

Sunday ~ Happy Easter!
Breakfast: Pancakes
Lunch:  We’ll probably skip lunch and have an early dinner
Dinner:  Rib roast, asparagus, sauteed carrots, and spinach salad

Monday ~ Maria’s birthday!
Breakfast:  Croissants
Lunch:  Roast beef sandwiches
Dinner:  Big dinner salad with grilled shrimp

Breakfast:  Pancakes (from Sunday)
Lunch:  Lentil soup
Dinner: Rib roast leftovers

Breakfast: Breakfast tacos
Lunch: Ravioli
Dinner: Meatloaf

Breakfast: Orange danish (I made two batches weeks ago and froze them.)
Lunch: Polish on a bun
Dinner:  Gyros

Breakfast:  Orange danish leftovers
Lunch:  Corndogs
Dinner:  Meatloaf leftovers

Breakfast:  Breakfast out (We almost always have breakfast out if we’re out hunting garage sales.)
Lunch:  Sushi
Dinner: Pizza night


It’s a holiday weekend. I offered to make lamb for Easter, but when Greg saw the rib roast at the grocer’s he asked for that instead. It’s fine by me. I’ll eat lamb, but it’s my least favorite meat. It tends to sit heavy on my stomach no matter how little of it I eat. Does anyone else feel that way about lamb or is it just me?

It’s a double holiday for me because Monday is my birthday. Traditionally, I rarely cook on my birthday so I made that day’s menu easy for any husband to make. Besides, he can always take me out for dinner.

It’s another week of running around like crazy people. Three more weeks like this and then I can relax for a little while.


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  1. Angela L Brown

    Happy Easter and an early Happy Birthday, Maria!
    Big hugs!!!

    I don’t get to eat much lamb so I can’t really speak on how it sits on my belly. Mainly a chicken and pork loan family.

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