This Week’s Menu, March 11, 2018

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Menu for the week of March 11, 2018

Breakfast: Pancakes (recipe)
Early Dinner: BBQ (chicken, ribs, and sausages) We didn’t get to BBQ Saturday so it’s on for Sunday.

Breakfast: Breakfast burrito
Early Dinner: Smoked sausage on a bun

Breakfast: Leftover pancakes
Early Dinner: Leftover smoked chicken with scalloped potatoes

Breakfast: Bagels with a schmear
Early Dinner: Leftover ribs with BBQ beans and salad

Breakfast: Bacon and eggs
Early Dinner: Chicken salad sandwiches

Breakfast: Quesadillas
Early Dinner: Mexican lasagna (The recipe will be up in a few weeks.)

Breakfast: Breakfast out. Time for garage sales!
Early Dinner: Steak and kale salad


This is a week of cooking once and eating the rest of the week on leftovers. Greg is BBQing today. Not a lot like we do when we have company but enough to keep us in food all week.

The weather should be good this week so I plan to work outside a good deal of the time. If the main dish is already made all I have to worry about is making a side dish here or there.

Garage sales have started again so we’ve been picking up a few nice things for the workshop. I even scored a couple of free things. Six discs of clip art and a Chinese cookbook. I don’t have any more room for cookbooks, so I’ll probably pick out a few recipes that sound good and donate the book at my garage sale. Yes, the dreaded garage sale that didn’t happen last year is due to happen this year. April, I think.


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    • Angela: It took years of practice to get that “lucky”. 🙂

      I’ve often thought about doing a video tour of my home so I could point out all the things I’ve bought at garage sales and thrift stores. Honestly, other than beds and sofas, 90% of my furniture and decor came second hand.

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