This Week’s Menu, June 24, 2018

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Menu for the week of June 24, 2018

Breakfast: Corned beef hash and eggs
Early Dinner: Chinese food

Breakfast: Sausage kolaches
Early Dinner: Pork chili verde

Breakfast: Bagels
Early Dinner: Meat loaf (recipe)

Breakfast: French toast
Early Dinner: Sausage and peppers casserole

Breakfast: Bacon and eggs
Early Dinner: Leftover meat loaf

Breakfast: Cheese quesadillas
Early Dinner: Red beans and rice

Breakfast: Egg McMuffin (homemade)
Early Dinner: Taco salad

Time moves slowly when you’re waiting for someone to heal. Nana is fidgety. She’s tired of crate rest, but she’s not even allowed exercise until next weekend, and then only for five minutes. We take turns sitting with her and that seems to satisfy her.

I don’t mind telling you, I’m exhausted. It seems I’m either feeding, cleaning, or watering animals from morning til night. At least I’m able to sleep for longer increments now. Nana sleeps through the night and that helps a lot. Greg and I have had to sleep in separate rooms so I wouldn’t wake him when I have to take her out.

It’s always a huge production to get her out of her pen (quietly), put the sling on her, slip on my shoes, get my flashlight, and walk her to the dog run so she can take care of business. It’s bad enough I have to get up, there’s no point in waking him up too. We’ve got it down to a science now. The trick is to put Iko in the back room first, so he won’t bark like a lunatic when I start to shuffle around in the dark. I don’t know why he barks. Who else is going to be up at o’dark thirty?

Once I get her in, I feed them both, and one extra little girl who’s recently joined our family. More about her next Monday when I come back to blogging full time. Meow.

It’s been quite an undertaking. I’m glad I took these two weeks off. I don’t think I could’ve kept blogging this time. Nana is healing slower than last time, and she’s requiring a bit more attention. All the more reason to limit her exercise until she’s strong enough. She’s at a very critical stage and needs to stay crated for at least three more weeks.

When all this is over, I swear I’m going to sleep until 9am one of these days.



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  1. RE: “Time moves slowly when you’re waiting for someone to heal.”
    Boy ain’t it the truth Maria.

    RE: “When all this is over, I swear I’m going to sleep until 9am one of these days.”

    This made me chuckle because it has been said before and somehow just know, you have as yet in your entire life without being deathly ill, probably not slept past 9 much less to 9 Maria. There is too much ingrained get-up-early in your makeup, plus too much on your to do list every day as well.

    • Jackie: Ha! You’re probably right. It’s not that I’m a morning person either. Sometimes if I’m caught up in a creative project I can stay up until the wee hours of the morning.

      This time, I think it’s a combination of stress and the extra volume of work required that keeps me from sleeping.

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