This Week’s Menu, June 19, 2016

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Menu for the week of June 19, 2016

Sunday: Happy Father’s Day!
Breakfast: Pancakes from scratch (recipe) We’ll have blueberry pancakes today since I’ve been picking blueberries all week.
Lunch:  Pastrami sandwiches
Dinner: Steak fajitas. This was actually Saturday’s planned meal, but we weren’t hungry enough for dinner, so I saved the marinated fajita meat for Sunday night.

Breakfast: Steak and eggs
Lunch: Soup and sandwich
Dinner: Burgers

Breakfast: Leftover pancakes
Lunch: BLT
Dinner: Beef stir fry

Breakfast: Orange danish
Lunch: Pasta salad
Dinner:  Baked chicken with eggplant side dish

Breakfast: Oatmeal
Lunch: Leftover pasta salad
Dinner:  Steak salad

Breakfast: Breakfast burritos
Lunch:  Eggrolls
Dinner: Meatloaf

Breakfast:  Breakfast out (We almost always have breakfast out if we’re hunting garage sales.)
Lunch: Potluck. Whatever is still in the fridge will be for lunch.
Dinner: Meatloaf leftovers

Yellow squash, spaghetti squash, tomatoes, peppers and eggplant are ready for harvest. I’ve been adding them to the menu wherever I can.

Saturday, I made a big batch of fresh salsa. We snacked on chips and salsa and weren’t hungry enough for dinner, which was fine by us. It was a treat to savor homemade salsa.

If you have a reason to celebrate, I hope you have a nice Father’s Day. As my gift to Greg, I won’t make him work too hard. 🙂  Of course, working hard is a matter of perspective.

Are you planning any special meals today?



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  1. Great Father’s day. Must be said. Went to a newly opened Tapas bar in Monmouth (there, that’s my one weekly ‘new thing’) and went home to Carbonnade de Boeuf followed by melon because I was feeling lazy. Spanish beer, Guinness, wine and a small Glenfiddich to finish it off 🙂 Monday. Back to normality and muesli

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