This Week’s Menu, July 24, 2016

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Menu for the week of July 24, 2016

Breakfast: Steak omelette (We had a little leftover from last week.)
Lunch:  Bean soup
Dinner: Pork fajitas with fresh salsa

Breakfast: Oatmeal (We both have teeth cleanings today.)
Lunch: Chicken salad sandwiches
Dinner: Mongolian beef

Breakfast: Bacon and eggs
Lunch:  Lunch out. We plan to see the new Star Trek movie today.
Dinner: Leftover fajitas

Breakfast: Homemade egg McMuffins
Lunch: Bean soup
Dinner:  Leftover Mongolian beef

Breakfast: Cheese quesadillas
Lunch:  Spinach salad
Dinner:  Stuffed trout with whatever veggies are ready for harvest

Breakfast: Orange danish
Lunch:  Sausage on a bun
Dinner: Meatloaf

Breakfast:  Breakfast out (We almost always have breakfast out if we’re hunting garage sales.)
Lunch: Tabouli
Dinner:  Leftover meatloaf

Lots of double meals this week so I can have plenty of leftovers. We’re on the go this week with dental appointments for both me and Greg as well as wonder dog, Nana.

It’s funny about teeth. Iko is twice as old as Nana and his teeth are still pearly white. Nana’s teeth are starting to show tartar.

We finally got our fridge, but samsung fridgenot without a lot of grumbling from the delivery people. This time there were four of them telling us it was impossible. They were very close to losing a sale. If one more guy had said, ‘there’s no way to move this‘, we were ready to give them their walking papers.

In the end, they spent more time complaining than it actually took to get the old fridge out. That’s the truth.

The fridge is significantly smaller than the old one. Check out that floral wallpaper in the background. I’m painting over that eyesore as soon as possible.

Greg will have to build a pull-out cabinet to one side and possibly a second cabinet above the fridge. It works great though. Time will tell how long it’ll last.

We hope to see Star Trek this week. Has anyone else seen it? What’s the verdict? I was so sorry to hear about Anton Yelchin (the actor who played Chekov). That was way too young to die in such a freak accident.

What’s new by you? Have you experienced any grumbling from delivery people?


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  1. No grumbles come to mind, but a strange pattern. It’s not universal but it’s happened enough to make me think. The number of times a workman – electrician, rot control, whatever – will down tools with a sigh and recount a variation of ‘My friend has recently died / had an accident/ wife died etc. Or his boss is a workaholic because his wife has recently died. Cancer often comes into it. I’ve often wondered whether it’s meant as some kind of strange bonding ritual – we’re all adrift in an ocean of death. I give them a cup of tea.

    • Mike: That’s interesting that you should make that observation. The last repairman we had here started a conversation about his wife who had died. That led to a roller coaster of topics from cancer to health care to his daughter’s crush on some rock singer in Korea. I was kind of tired by the time he left.

  2. JackieBCentralTexas

    Maria our home in Laredo had a skinny pull out cabinet/upright pantry by our dishwasher and I absolutely adored it. Your new fridge should last as long as the warranty if you bought an extended one especially and then with our experience from past appliances it will probably have small problems here and there until it finally gasps its last, say within 10 years.

    If you are lucky it may last without any problems like it should at least 20.

    Our experiences with delivery people for anything has never really included grumbling but like Mike they do tend to overshare once they start talking.

    Nothing new, heat index has kept me and mine in AC mostly so hoping for some much needed rain so the crispy critter yard does not spontaneously combust. Cannot believe until right after July 4th our front and back yard was lush, now it is toasted with dead spots going to dirt again.

    • Jackie: We’re supposed to get a little rain this week. I hope we get some of that.

      We’re traveling uncharted waters now with houses and appliances because really, none of us know how long we’ll live or be as robust as we are now. If health declines we’ll have to plan on a more sedentary and suburban life.

      I think I can plan as far as 7-10 years. After that, it’s anyone’s guess.

  3. Geez, I’ve never heard of a delivery experience quite like yours. That’s terrible. They weren’t charge you for the pick-up/delivery by the hour, were they? I’d be watching that bill real close, if so!

    I’d also call supervisors, and potentially the (new) refrigerator manufacturer. They deserve to know that a company they’re doing business with is nearly driving business AWAY.

    But so glad that you finally have your new fridge, AND that you’re hopefully done dealing with those pesky delivery people!

    • Rebekah: This waffling was really getting ridiculous. Had we been their ages, we could’ve done it ourselves.

      Luckily one guy showed up who was a furniture packer at his last job and he had a good grasp of spacial geometry. He knew just how to move it out.

  4. We do most of our own deliveries and repairs, but the few times we have outsiders come in they’e always fast and very polite. I think it’s our dogs; we put them out on the porch for the duration and all my male does is bark — and he sounds scarier than he looks.

    I have the strangest conversations with people at the post office while we’re waiting in line. Last week a lady and I discussed the best way to cook artichokes (she bakes, I steam) and fixed stuck zippers, and ended up trying to recall the names of the penny candy we used to eat when we were kids. We ended up trading e-mail addresses so we could swap recipes. 🙂

    • Lynn: That is wild and kind of cool too. I’ve had people ask me for recipe and cleaning advice at the store, but it never came down to email exchanges.

      re: dogs
      We keep the dogs in my studio which is right next to the back door. After a workman opened the wrong door to go out I’ve since added a ‘no entry’ sign with a warning that there are dogs behind the door.

      Mine are sometimes sneaky. They lull people into thinking no one is there. 😀

    • Jenny: I asked the vet about that. She said dogs are like people. If it’s in your DNA to keep pearly whites, that’s that. I also think it’s because Iko is part beaver. He’s the same dog who gnawed down a tree when he was going through his teething phase.

      So far he’s destroyed two sofas, two rugs, one wall, and one tree. Thank God he finally grew out of that. I was running out of house.

  5. Fridge looks really nice! For the most part, the delivery people have been good that I’ve dealt with; I’m just glad when they are done, don’t like “strangers” in the house, know what I mean?


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