This Week’s Menu, July 1, 2018

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Menu for the week of July 1, 2018

Breakfast: Biscuits and gravy
Early Dinner: Spaghetti with homemade sauce

Breakfast: Bagels
Early Dinner: Steak

Breakfast: Leftover steak in quesadillas
Early Dinner: Baked fish with wild rice

Breakfast: Orange Danish
Early Dinner: BBQ ribs with all the trimmings

Breakfast: Bacon and eggs
Early Dinner: Leftover BBQ

Friday: Greg’s Birthday!
Breakfast: Breakfast skillet: Scrambled eggs, roasted red potatoes, and sausage mixed with cheese, peppers and tomatoes
Early Dinner: His choice of dinner

Breakfast: Bacon and cheese wraps
Early Dinner: Beef fajitas

It’s a holiday week coupled by Greg’s birthday. This means the menu will revolve around BBQ and birthday meals.

Nana has passed another milestone and she’s finally putting weight on the new bionic leg. It also means she’s forgotten she’s on the injured list and wants to run everywhere. She’s on crate rest for at least four more weeks.

It’s been a difficult few weeks. Not just Nana, but other things that tend to take their toll on you. I feel like I’m carrying a boulder. And now there’s a kitten in the house and every one is antsy. I’m not sure I can take on any more stress.

I’m grateful Nana is recovering though. That surgeon is brilliant. If you’re in the Dallas area and need surgery for your pet, I highly recommend Dr. Lange.

This week with all the fireworks, we’re going to have to pay extra attention to Iko. Despite his size, he’s absolutely terrified of fireworks. Unfortunately, he learned that from Tanky before he died. I’m glad at least Nana was too young to inherit that phobia before Tank passed away.

No words or hugs can comfort Iko. The only thing that works is Xanax. We give him just enough to take off the edge off his panic. I really hate this time of year.

On top of that, it’s very dry this year too. I’m surprised they haven’t put a ban on fireworks due to the elevated fire danger, but so far no ban. I hope they don’t regret that. I’ve already seen several grass fires accidentally set along roads.

USA friends, how do you celebrate the 4th? Do you BBQ or picnic?

PSĀ  Ready or not, I’m back to my regular blogging schedule starting tomorrow.

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  1. Angela Brown

    Glad to hear Nana’s recovery is going so well. Hopefully she won’t drive you too bonkers with her need to run and play, play, play.

    Kitty is blessed to have stumbled unto awesome fur parents.

    Wishing Greg and early Happy Birthday!!!

    And as for the 4th of July, this year will be a stay at home day, keeping an eye on Molly. She doesn’t take kindly to loud popping noises. I sense a lot of Molly hugs on that day.

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