This Week’s Menu, January 29, 2017

Menu for the week of January 29, 2017

Breakfast: Omelette
Lunch: Chili
Dinner: Pan fried trout

Breakfast: Pancakes
Lunch: Crackers and brie
Dinner: Fajitas

Breakfast: Homemade egg McMuffin
Lunch: Leftover chili
Dinner: Fajita salad (using leftover fajita meat)

Breakfast: Leftover pancakes
Lunch: Gyros
Dinner: Shrimp stir fry

Breakfast: Oatmeal
Lunch: Macaroni and cheese
Dinner: Steak

Breakfast: Leftover steak with eggs
Lunch: Skipping lunch/Early dinner
Dinner: BBQ ribs and smoked chicken

Breakfast: Fruit kolaches
Lunch: Chicken salad sandwiches
Dinner: Leftover BBQ

We’re catching up on putting the house back together. It was a lot harder bringing everything back in than when we took them out, mostly because we didn’t want the slightest scuff mark on the new floor.

The hardest one was the leather sofa. The floor refinishers moved that out for us, but we had to bring it in. A little ingenuity and two old people brought in what it took three men to take out.  When you don’t have brawn, it pays to have creativity.

I’m so pleased with the house now. There are a couple of minor improvements I’d still like to do, but for now it’s fine. I want to commence with getting back to normal again.

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