This Week’s Menu, August 5, 2018

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Menu for the week of August 5, 2018

Breakfast: Cheese omelette
Early Dinner: Sausage and pepper casserole

Breakfast: Orange Danish
Early Dinner: Steak

Breakfast: Leftover steak and eggs
Early Dinner: Fajitas

Breakfast: Homemade egg mcmuffin
Early Dinner: Salmon with wilted kale

Breakfast: Bagels
Early Dinner: Leftover fajitas

Breakfast: Sausage kolaches
Early Dinner: Vegetable stir fry and shrimp fried rice.

Breakfast: Breakfast out — garage sales
Early Dinner: Pasta salad

Another week and and a little bit further on the socialization for border collie and kitten. That cat loves Nana, who knows why! He’ll cower if Iko lumbers in, but for Nana, he’ll run to her. Little does that kitten know, Iko is the only trustworthy dog.

We’re extending our visits and having more of them. It might be a while before it’ll be safe to leave them together, but at least no one is killing the other. Nana is still rough, but in border collie fashion. She punches the kitten with her nose and licks him incessantly. Jazz doesn’t mind at all unless he gets too much nose punching. He tries to curl up in her lap but Nana is still too hyper to sit still.

I think someday they’ll be good friends, but for now they’re still under supervised visits.

I should tell you the story of our first cat. “Kitty” came to us on an ice cold January day. You know me. I couldn’t leave that kitten out in the cold, so I made him a nice bed in the bathroom.

Back then, Greg wasn’t crazy about cats. (This was over 30 years ago!) I wanted to keep him, but Greg was certain the dogs would never accept him. I made a bet with him. I wagered that if the dogs accepted the kitten then he was meant to stay. He agreed, quite sure that it would never happen. We had Samoyeds at the time, and huskies are well known for disliking cats. They hated our neighbor’s cats and the cats knew to stay out of our yard.

But I had a secret weapon. Czarina was the matriarch of our pack of five. She ruled the roost. I also knew that she was innately maternal. I introduced the kitten to Czarina first. She lay down and immediately nudged the kitten between her front paws.

That was it. I had won the bet. Once Czarina took the kitten in, none of the others would challenge her. Even though they still chased outsider cats, they protected Kitty for the rest of their lives. When they passed on, the next set of dogs, the rottweilers, took over. Kitty was family, and they took care of him until it was his time to go.

I hope it’ll be the same way for Jazz too.

Addendum: I should add that our first cat was well aware of the muscle he had around him. Kitty was on the small side and every so often a mean neighborhood tomcat would chase him. Kitty knew to race to the back yard where two giant rottweilers lay dozing.

One time, the intruder cat chased too far, and those rottweiler heads turned in unison. I don’t think I ever saw a cat run so fast. Meanwhile, I could hear what can only be described as a snicker from Kitty. That cat had a mean streak. 😀



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