This Week’s Menu, August 26, 2018

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Menu for the week of August 26, 2018

Breakfast: Egg with spicy ground beef scramble
Early Dinner: Nacho plate  (recipe)

Breakfast: Bagels
Early Dinner: Beef short ribs in the Instapot

Breakfast: Sausage kolaches
Early Dinner: Shrimp fried rice

Breakfast: Toast and juice
Early Dinner: Leftover short ribs

Breakfast: Corned beef hash and eggs
Early Dinner: Spaghetti with homemade sauce

Breakfast: Breakfast quesadillas
Early Dinner: Mexican lasagna  (recipe)

Breakfast: Breakfast out — garage sales
Early Dinner: Steak

The samosas I tried last week turned out great. It’s got a huge spice list but it tasted very close to the ones I’ve eaten in restaurants. Greg said he wouldn’t mind having them again.

The kitten and border collie situation has moved to the next level. We can now leave them alone together. We tested it by increments. First for ten minutes, then a half hour, an hour, and finally several hours. Every time I’ve come home, I find Jaz on the couch sleeping–ironically, on Nana’s spot.

It still seems incredible to me that of all the animals Nana has encountered she genuinely likes the cat. I had envisioned all sorts of different scenarios. Iko, meanwhile prefers to commune with the humans. He doesn’t like jumpy little animals that race across the room for no reason at all.

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  1. Jackie N Karl Burris

    RE: “Iko, meanwhile prefers to commune with the humans. He doesn’t like jumpy little animals that race across the room for no reason at all.”

    Maria when I read these two sentences laughed out loud because not only does my 15-year-old cat still do this my poor little deceased Chihuahua used to do it too when he was a puppy. Iko would have lost his mind over them both being so easy to flip out.

    Happy for Jaz and Nana, sure takes some pressure off their humans when friendships grow between animals who share the same space indoors.

    • Jackie: I’m extremely relieved that everyone gets along. Nana is so unforgiving of other animals so I thought for sure I was going to have problems. But nope. Apparently like seeks like. Those two are two peas in a pod.

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