This Week’s Menu, April 23, 2017

Menu for the week of April 23, 2017

Breakfast: Corned beef hash and eggs
Lunch: Deli sandwiches
Dinner: Fried trout

Breakfast: Bagels
Lunch: Skipping lunch
Dinner: Early dinner: BBQ

Breakfast: Beef breakfast tacos
Lunch: Leftover chicken in chicken salad sandwiches
Dinner: Leftover ribs

Breakfast: Pork sausage with eggs
Lunch: Leftover ribs
Dinner: Chicken thighs in garlic sauce

Breakfast: Toast and juice
Lunch: Leftover rib meat in sandwiches
Dinner: Veggie rice bowl

Breakfast: Bacon and eggs
Lunch: Cheese tray with crackers
Dinner: Pasta

Breakfast: Out hunting garage sales
Lunch: Deli sandwiches
Dinner: Pizza

We’re barbecuing Monday, which means I’ll have cooked meat to make meals from all week. A real time saver!

The gardens (front and back) are starting to look respectable. A couple more weeks of work and it might even be ready for some pictures.

I was in a giving away and throwing away mood last week. I tossed some things that were simply taking up room. A busted up metal bench, some tomato trellises, and an old fashioned metal chair. They were fixable, but Greg wasn’t interested in fixing them and I don’t have his welding skills. I no sooner put them outside on the driveway, when someone scooped them up.

I’ve also been giving away seedlings, eggs, and asparagus. I always plant too much, never knowing what will sprout or how well they’ll grow. This time everything sprouted, so I gave the extras to a friend who was late starting her garden. A couple of other friends got some of our extra eggs and asparagus.

Asparagus will freeze, but it’s not nearly as good as fresh, so I just as soon give it away to be enjoyed while it’s freshest.

We had a fierce storm race through our area the other day. The next morning, when I went to replenish Tilly, the pig’s bedding with hay, I found a red fox in the hay barn. She was gorgeous. I’m sure she went in there to shelter from the storm, but I don’t want her living there, soiling the hay.

We chased her out, but now that she’s found a way in, I’m afraid she’ll keep coming back until we seal it. I’m sorry we have to shut her out. I like foxes–as long as they’re not eating my chickens.



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  1. Wow, that would be interesting to see the fox! Delicious menu for your week! Did I tell you (and forgive me if I did, senior moment) of when we lived in Medford, Oregon that was well known for Harry and David’;s and the pears grown there? Asparagus is good to grow along with the pear trees so wild asparagus grew along with the pears. Harry and David’s really didn’t care about the asparagus (this was over 25 years ago) so they didn’t care if people came to pick it. An elderly man who lived by the park where we went with the kids a lot sort of befriended us. He would go and pick the wild asparagus and if he had too much, he would share it with us. Soooooo delicious!

    We are cutting back on going out to eat on Fridays like we used to sine there’s been a bit of a change in my job (mentioned it before, grrrrr). We got Chinese food last Friday night; picked it up and enjoyed it then, leftovers for Saturday lunch, and then today I divided the remaining leftovers for soup for 2 meals and rice with another dish for another meal. Four and 1/2 meals from one order. I call it a success in the saving money category.


  2. Betty: Way to go on making the Chinese takeout stretch!

    re: pears and asparagus
    I’ve never heard that. That’s very cool! Asparagus plants will last for 20 years or more. Ours will probably be here long after we leave this place.

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