The Year of the Deer


We’re in the middle of a deer population explosion. Worse yet, they’re so used to seeing people, they don’t even have the decency to run when they see humans. They know we can’t catch them.

They’ve decimated my garden. I tried netting and that thwarted them for a couple of nights, but they still managed to pull my lettuces and chards out by the roots. I had tried another stand of sunflowers just to feed the stalks to the goats, but the deer wouldn’t let them get bigger than a foot before they gorged themselves.

Hunting season will be here in a few weeks. It’ll probably be too late to save my garden, but maybe it’ll thin the herds.

When friends visit, they’re awestruck when they see deer watching them from the woods, thinking it’s so noble and all Mother Nature-y, but deer are bullies. Gluttonous bullies.

The coyotes used to keep them in check but I think too many of the neighbors have killed them out of fear. I’ve seen fox, but very few coyotes this year. Deer bring ticks too, something I despise more than their hosts because ticks can kill or seriously threaten your immune system.

It’s all about balance.

I like seeing wild animals on my property. I don’t even mind losing some of my plants, but deer graze in packs. They’re thugs, deer gangs with brown leather coats and big brown eyes.

Bambi, my Aunt Fannie. Don’t let their soft expression fool you. They’re vegetarian desperadoes.


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  1. LOL, we feed them. I name them. And everything I plant is ‘deer resistant’ because they’re not really into sticking to their corn pans. Of course, I don’t plant food – between the deer and the rabbits and the squirrels, etc., food plants would be gone lickety-split. Have you tried putting marigolds around your garden? They hate marigolds. Some neighbors of ours use 6ft high fencing around their garden, and that seems to work. On the deer anyway. Not sure how they deter the rabbits.

    Good luck.

    • BE: We used to feed the deer when we lived in SE Texas. I love to see them, but their numbers have skyrocketed. There’s no balance in nature. I think aside from fewer coyotes, the outlying areas have overtaken their habitat, so now they’ve moved into my neighborhood.

  2. Vegetarian desperadoes –> I like it, but I thought vegans gentle caring souls . On a serious note, there are calls here for re-introducing the lynx in order to give the deer a natural predator. Yes, even in Britain they’re a problem along with, in some areas, wild boar

  3. Angela Brown

    I’m trying to picture that deer as a vegetarian desperado but it’s just so darn adorable.

    Do you have any sections on your property where you can set up deer leases for hunters? When the season comes, their hunting can help.

  4. There is a delicate balance to nature; seems like the deer upset that balance somehow and now are ruling the land so to speak. It should be a good deer season I would imagine for hunters. Think they’ll give out more tags this year since there seems to be an abundance of deer?


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