The Tax Man Cometh

This year in the US, in an effort to keep us confused, taxes will be due April 18th because Washington DC celebrates Emancipation Day. If you live in Maine or Massachusetts your filing deadline is April 19 because they’re celebrating Patriots Day.

aspirin bottle1Whatever. Just tell me when you need me to have my headache.

I found out all sorts of interesting facts about taxes. Check out this page with some tax facts from all over the world. It seems many of the world’s best known events were the results of taxation.

For instance:

• The American Revolution began because of high taxation from the British Empire.
• William Tell was forced to shoot an apple off his son’s head as punishment for tax resistance.
• In Texas, cowboy boots are exempt from taxes.

There were a lot of facts on this list I never knew before and some I will never understand. For example, why do we pay death taxes? It’s like one final grab from the government. They ought to call it an exit tax.

I was shocked to see the countries that paid the highest taxes. Aruba (a Dutch territory) had the highest, followed by Sweden, Denmark, and the Netherlands. All of them were above 50%!  The US was not in the top ten. Thank goodness. I think we pay enough for bureaucracy.

I leave you with a quote from one of the most astute observers of the 20th century, Will Rogers.

The difference between death and taxes is that death doesn’t get any worse every time Congress meets. 

How was tax day for you this year? Every time we finish our taxes we have to take aspirin then spend the rest of the day on the couch watching a nice movie where people don’t talk about taxes.



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  1. I had a friend who was panicking thinking she was running out of time for her taxes this year; she was glad to hear she had until Monday to get them done. I appreciate why we pay taxes, it just seems like so many different things taxed; almost nickel and dime you. Here in Arizona they’ll tax services that I never got taxed for in California; like there is a tax on your rent for your house/apartment. Or when you sign up for utilities, there is a tax on the start up fee. Not used to that.

    We did very well with taxes this year but only because both of us did married with no dependents so we had mucho money taken out, so mucho refund (which helped with the move).


    • Betty: A tax on rent? That does seem over the top.

      There is no rhyme or reason with some taxes. I’m okay with ‘sin’ taxes though. It seems reasonable to tax anything that gives you pleasure–or that could be due to my upbringing. 😀

    • Sandra: That is insane! I can’t imagine they can pull that off. You’re already paying taxes on highways and such.

      I have a sister and brother who are seriously thinking of leaving Chicago and moving their families to Arizona. Now I know why.

  2. Tax “day” kind of spread out to a few weeks (since I had to wait on a form), so it wasn’t as stressful. And we’re getting a refund. That helps. Still hate doing it, though. One of these days I’ll get an accountant. That day hasn’t arrived, yet. 🙂

    • My niece is an accountant which seems to have bode well for her since she’s so good with her money.

      The few times we used a CPA we did really well with our taxes. She found us deductions we had never considered.

      I’d like to go back to an accountant but since retiring, our income is pretty fixed now and easier to settle.

  3. Angela Brown

    Well, taxes this year weren’t too bad. I say that mainly because I didn’t have to pay beyond what I already paid in. Not in any rush to get to next year’s tax season lol!

  4. I spend every Friday updating my ledgers and my Excel files so tax season is easier (disclaimer: I’m a full charge bookkeeper, so I can pretty much do it in my sleep.) I also file early when I can; this year I had to wait on some documents but it was still fairly painless.

    I don’t mind paying taxes; I see it as investing in the country. I just wish more of what we pay could go toward public school teachers, police, firemen and county paramedics, who always seem to be so woefully understaffed and underpaid.

    • Lynn: You’re the envy of business people everywhere.

      re: I just wish more of what we pay could go toward public school teachers, police, firemen and county paramedics…

      This is what I meant by bureaucracy. Taxes are necessary, but if the money is mishandled or siphoned away deliberately, those taxed (us) have to make up the difference.

      I’d rather see tax money go to those who do the most for its people, law enforcement, soldiers, and fire and rescue.

  5. I did taxes as soon as all the paperwork was here, so I don’t really think about April 15th. Weird that they moved the day this year. :eyeroll: I should probably give up trying to understand the govt, but that’s what they want, so I keep plodding along, trying to figure things out. Not any closer to succeeding, but I’m still trying. ;o)

  6. Taxes are spent by those who know ‘what’s good for us.’ Having said that the process of paying is easier for us, unless you’re self-employed. The majority ‘pay as you earn’ (PAYE) with a once yearly notification explaining why you are on the tax code your on, and leave to quibble or query.
    I’ve only just experienced the labyrinthine nature of your IRS in trying to claim back taxes as a foreign national. I’ve given up for the moment. It drains so much energy. I think KJ Rowling’s Dementors were inspired by the IRS

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