The Mule Diary: Ornery and Wicked


I’ve been inspired by Lynn Viehl‘s posts on journaling so I thought I’d start a new series about a few of my day to day activities. These posts will be random and sporadic, much like my lucidity. I’m calling it the Mule Diary. Greg calls me a mule because I work so hard. He said I was stubborn too, but he exaggerates. Heh.

Garage sale: I’ve decided. The long range forecast says it will be dry June 24 & 25. If that remains true, I’m going to go for it and have my garage sale then.

But first the shop has to be tidied. If this were my house, it would take a few hours at most to get it shiny enough for guests, but the shop is Greg’s domain, my mortal enemy when it comes to cleaning.

I would show you a picture of his workshop, but I’m too embarrassed. It’s enormous, and it is full from one end to the other. Many times I’ve thought about sorting his stuff for him, but only he knows where he likes to put his precious-es. The man is going to drive me to an early grave!

cool roosterCritters: I think the chickens are gunning for me too. Yesterday one of them made a break for it, but it didn’t get far. Nana, (the border collie who wants to rule the world) cut her off at the pass and herded her back to the pen.

Nana is useless with the goats. All she does is run them in a circle. But that’s my fault. I don’t know how to train her to go left or right. And she can’t dance either. On Facebook, I see all these border collies that dance with their owners, but not mine. She’s obviously my dog. I can’t dance either.

She has been good at warning me about deer, rabbits, coyotes and foxes, which is usually several times a day.

What is happening out there? Suddenly my little patch of earth has been ground zero for woodland creatures. Everybody uses a trail right in front of my office’s picture window. The foxes are relatively new but I see them regularly now.



The deer have gotten bold. One of them munched down all my Swiss chard and strawberries. :shakes fist:

I love deer which is why we’ve left a lot of the woods untouched. It gives them a place to hide and rest during the day, but if they keep eating my garden we’re going to have words.

Company: We’ve got company coming for the holidays, interspersed with dog sitting for a friend. The house is ready but the yard and animal pens need sprucing up. The rains have finally relented so I can start working outside again.

That means I can go back to my job as chief muckraker. Who am I kidding? I’m the only one who mucks the pens.

And why is it the neighbors show up right when I’m in the middle of cleaning a stinky pen with a wheelbarrow full of manure? They always look at me like I’m an unfit mother.

That’s why I can’t sympathize with young parents with babies. Until you’ve mucked out a stall or coop, you don’t know nuthin’ about real crap.

Well, that’s it from the Mule. Y’all come back now.

No animals were harmed during the writing of this post. The border collie let them off with a warning.

Chicken suspect

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  1. I once volunteered to help a pet shop owner do a street fair. My day consisted of “cleaning cages.” That’s my one experience with animal crap on a larger scale, and I’m CERTAIN it doesn’t come close to mucking out a pen.

    • Marlene: People with horses have it tougher. We’ve raised pigs before and their pen is always a chore to muck out, but they at least are kind enough to only go to the bathroom in one spot.

      Pigs are surprisingly clean compared to other animals.

  2. We have deer, too…they jump over our fence in the fall and winter and we wake up to find them asleep in the back yard. I’ve let the dog out SO many times without realizing a deer was out there, but those deer are fast little suckers. They’re out of the yard before I even know what happened!

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