The Big List of Christmas Gift Ideas

Last year, I organized gift ideas by interests. You can see those lists here. This year I wanted to do a big list of good Christmas gift ideas–all the things I’ve come across that meet my standards for good price and quality.

Ready? Here we go. Click the pictures for more details on each item.
Clothing and accessories: If you must buy wearable items, buy things that are one size fits all. Pashminas, scarves, earmuffs, (RFID) wallets, and woolly caps.

Sofa throws: Opt for the nice plush ones. On chilly nights, I like nothing better than to curl up on the sofa with a throw over me. I need to replace a couple of mine, so I picked the first one on this lineup for myself.

Gardening supplies: I got two of my friends and one niece hooked on gardening this year. I started them with a couple of these. PS: A weather station is a must for any gardener or outdoors lover.

Electronics: Oh, boy. This is a big one. Much as I try to avoid techy gadgets, they’ve become necessary evils. My brother bought us a Fire Stick. It has a lot of options and we’re nowhere close to using it to its full potential yet, but he’s coming back to visit in February so maybe he can show us how some of this stuff works.

And if you’re looking for computers, I’ve had excellent luck with the Asus brand. I’ve had plenty of the higher end computers in years past, but this one has been the most reliable.

I told you about EERO in an earlier post. I am happy to report we have not had a loss in data streaming in our very long house since setting up the EERO. Highly recommended. (Now if I could only find a reliable internet provider.)

Amazon Fire Tablets: Tablets are no longer high priced novelties. Amazon has the cheapest price for theirs.

Charging stations: These are so handy! We plugged them into several rooms of our house. I must remember to put one in the guest bedrooms too so my company can recharge their phones.

Smart Key Finder: I saw this work in action. It’s a handy little device that helps you track keys, phone, pets, or husbands.

Video Doorbell: We just bought one of these so you’ll probably see a review on this next year. What I especially like about these video doorbells is that you can answer straight from your cell phone so strangers don’t know if you’re not at home.

For The Home
Aroma Diffusers and oils: My friend bought me a Scentsy diffuser. My biggest dilemma is finding the right scent.

The best (and costliest) reed diffuser I’ve ever owned was Culti (Terra). Oh, goodness, this is the most heavenly scent! Elegant and sublime. After Culti, nothing else comes close, so if you want to impress someone with your sense of style, this is it.

IRobot Roombas: I’ve already done a review on my Roomba. Highly recommended.

Instant Pots/Electronic Pressure Cookers: I love mine. We use it all the time. The price has really come down too. If there’s a cook on your Christmas list, I can heartily recommend an Instant Pot, aka, electronic pressure cooker.

Keurig: I think Keurigs are more for single people or those who don’t drink a lot of coffee. I know my mom and Greg enjoy theirs a lot.

Fitbits: I admit it. I was a nonbeliever for a long time. Greg’s doctor urged him to get an Apple Watch. (He only uses Apple products.) After a few weeks of noticing him get better about moving and eating healthier, I decided to try it. –not the Apple Watch since I don’t have an I-Phone, but a cheapie version of Fitbit. I am sold! This is something else I need to do a review for next year.

There are many different models. If you’re unsure if you’ll wear it, start with a knockoff like I did. I think once this one wears out I might upgrade to one with more options. Highly recommended.

Ozark Trail Tumbler 2 pack I bought this for a friend who spends a lot of time outdoors in the hot sun. They really work at keeping drinks cold (or hot). You’ll never see Greg without his.

Digital: Want to give a gift that fits all sizes? Opt for gifts that don’t need Christmas wrapping.

β€’ Gift cards are always welcomed by young and old alike.
β€’ Is there a college kid or a young couple in your life? Give them the gift of Amazon Prime.


β€’ Security software, photo editing, and speech recognition software can be bought as discs or downloaded.

β€’ Ebooks are an easy way to “mail” gifts to someone far away. Just type in genre or topic and you’ll be inundated with options.

I hope I gave you plenty of ideas to kick start your Christmas shopping. Let me leave you with one last ‘kid’ gift. While my little grand niece was visiting, I discovered she was an avid Star Wars fan. For Christmas we bought her a BB-8 Remote Controlled Android. Holy moly, we became the coolest aunt and uncle ever. We had no idea it would be such a hit. (We let her open it early because Christmas is just too far away for a 4-year old.)

Anyway, I call this one a win for the sophisticated Star Wars fan.


I’m taking the rest of the week off as I recuperate from visitors and four year olds. πŸ˜€

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  1. Stacy McKitrick

    I like my fitbit and Hubby likes my old, broken one (well, the fitbit wasn’t broken, just the band), so I got him a new one for Christmas (black Friday prices!). He knows it’s coming, but will wait until Christmas to open it.

  2. We’re looking into getting a Roomba, although I don’t think the model you have is available anymore….

    Making a note about the diffuser! I haven’t really liked any of the ones I’ve tried so far. And I don’t care for sprays, aerosol (not good for the tortoises!) or otherwise.

    • Madeline: If you click on any of the Roomba pictures it’ll show you any number of other varieties.

      Diffusers: I have a love/hate relationship with them myself. My favorite are the reed diffusers because the scent is more subtle.

      But Culti–Very expensive, but I am not kidding, it’s the most wonderful, sensual scent I have ever smelled. Terra was my favorite. My friend introduced it to me once when we were shopping a clearance store. I wish I had bought more bottles then. I didn’t realize they were so expensive at retail cost.

  3. Jenny Schwartz

    I think someone needs to gift me with a magical calendar that includes two (maybe four?) extra months in the year – for it to be nearly Christmas already is just mad!

    • Betty: My friend (who should know better) attempted shopping on Black Friday. She said it was a madhouse. I much prefer to shop online.

      Much as I’d like to spread the wealth around, Amazon continues to have the best prices and free shipping. Until its competitors ponies up with the same benefits, they’ll never beat Amazon at this game. Writing this post does double duty. It helps me have something valuable to post, and it also gives me plenty of ideas for Christmas/birthdays.

  4. Bernadette has a fitbit. It told her she’d walked 250 yards in the night. I want to know who’s she seeing. For my birthday I’m getting the complete Barchester series in Folio hardback (secondhand because they’re relatively rare being now out of print.) I already have the Palliser series in folio hardback. Yes, I’m a bit of a Trollope fan but they can’t touch you for it.

    • Mike:
      re: Bernadette
      So far I haven’t gone out for any midnight rendezvous. I guess that’s a good way to find out if you sleep walk.

      re: Yes, I’m a bit of a Trollope fan but they can’t touch you for it.
      …not yet. πŸ˜€

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