Are you a Morning or Night Person?

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Are you a morning or late night person? I think at one time my best work was done at night, but after so many years of waking up before the birds, I metamorphosed into a morning person.

I generally wake up by 5am, though some days it’s much earlier. I don’t mind getting up early though I draw the line at 3am and force myself to go back to sleep.

The house is quiet before dawn and I can read without distraction. It’s my best time to write too. Many times I wake up with a good idea for a blog post or something I need to tell a friend, so I write it out first thing in the morning while it’s fresh.

I dislike noise–intensely. The dogs know to be quiet in the wee hours. They loyally follow me out of the bedroom and sit with me while I catch up on news or writing. But once Greg wakes up all bets are off.

How can I put this delicately? Greg is loud. LOL! He’s bigger than life, taking over a whole room the moment he enters it. In my tomb-like existence of early morning, he’s like a big brass band. We’ve been married over 40 years and I’ve never been able to tone him down to a soft roar.

Fortunately, the dogs warn me when he gets out of bed from four rooms away, so I can prepare myself for the coming commotion.

I’m usually up for 3-4 hours before he wakes up so I’ve had time to get my “me” time.

When is your most productive time? Are you the quiet one or the big brass band? And are you an early riser by force or by habit? Have you ever worked shift?

I have to hand it to Greg. He worked shift in 12 hour days (or nights). They had him on a horrible schedule though. One week would be days, the next week would be nights. How do you accustom your body to switch like that? I think it’s inhuman.

He did this for YEARS. I honestly don’t know how he managed but he did learn to sleep in little pockets of time. I would’ve been mighty cranky if someone made me change my schedule every week.