Spring Chicks Are Here!

#spring chicks

Whew! I wasn’t sure these eggs would hatch.

I’m afraid our temperature and humidity electronic gauges were not reading correctly in the hatcher. When I put an old fashioned thermometer in there, the numbers were way off.

I probably lost some of them, but at least these two came into the world. I didn’t incubate too many, but I’ll try to hatch more after my company leaves so I can start collecting eggs again instead of eating them.

They’re supposed to be the pure white Ameraucanas I bought last year, but they don’t look too white right now.

I’ve got a birthday tomorrow and some relatives popping in for a couple of days so I’ll be on and off the net for the rest of the week. Just thought I’d leave you with a picture of these two infants. Wish me luck that the rest will hatch. They’re pipping, but they’ve been slow to come out into the world.

We are in full blown Spring down here. Everything is blooming and I’ve been planting beds as fast as I can. I should’ve started my tomatoes and peppers a couple of weeks earlier, but other than that everything is going according to plan.

For my birthday this year, I’d like a couple more blueberry bushes (because really, who couldn’t use more blueberry bushes) and maybe some new clothes. I haven’t shopped for clothing in YEARS! Plants, on the other hand, are an obsession. I’d rather buy plants than clothes. Unfortunately, my clothes are looking a bit raggedy even for me, so it’s time.

Where would you rather spend your money? Is it spring by you yet?

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  1. Happy Birthday!

    Aww, cute chicks! Spring is slowly arriving here. Tiny leaves are popping up on some of the bushes and trees. I’ve got a couple hyacinths blooming. The yard is starting to turn green again. Life is good. And yeah, I’d rather spend money on plants than clothes, too, but my plants are all for looks. If I planted food, the deer and other critters would eat it before it produced anything. Everything here has to be ‘deer resistant’ and even then, I never know when a deer will get bored and pull up one of my plants for fun.

    • DE: Thanks, Beth! I bought some grape hyacinths this year. If I can keep the alive, I hope they’ll make a nice splash of color in one corner of the yard.

      Oh, you know my never ending battle with deer. There’s one doe who challenges me every day. She doesn’t even have the decency to run when she sees me. She keeps munching on my bushes that are supposed to be deer resistant. Apparently, she didn’t get the memo.

  2. Happy Birthday! I thought about asking for fruit trees for my birthday in May, but I don’t think I’d end up with varieties I want, lol.

    I buy mostly used clothes now. I keep an eye out for Goodwill’s 50% off sales. Although the last year or so, I have indulged in some new things for myself (besides underwear – buying that used is frightening, lol) because Walmart’s new Time & Tru line is right up my alley, style-wise.

    Spring is pretty much hear! My peas and carrots have all come up, and the peach tree and blueberry bushes are starting to bud! Getting ready to put in 6 4×12 raised beds, because I have seed potatoes that should be going in the ground this week, but hopefully they’ll hold off until NEXT week.

    • Rebekah: Thank you for the birthday wishes!

      You need to start leaving little hints for the trees you want. I have terrible luck with fruit trees, but my citrus trees grow like weeds. I’ve had to repot them yet again.

      I still have not planted potatoes and I should’ve done it in February. I don’t worry about it since I usually plant at least three crops through the year. The potato seed I found looked kind of nasty so I didn’t buy it. I was thinking I might hit one of the ethnic grocery stores and pick up some purple potatoes or something equally exotic that will sprout.

  3. Would rather spend money on my Mom or my Husband and yes Spring has sprung as the trees etc have all greened out and our little gardening area of cucumber, 4 tomato plants, a small container of pretty little flowers are growing in leaps and bounds daily Maria. Now when the corn comes up in the next few weeks or so we will have plenty of stuff to watch grow and produce as keeping it simple this year so we do not overwhelm Karl.

      • He is kind of (LOL) mostly growing it for the critters Maria but we do not expect much more than squirrels and us to eat it once it comes up and makes. However since you have more deer come to your place than we do, as we have less cover on our actual property than you guys do, good luck is the best tip probably.

  4. How cute!

    Happy, happy birthday, Maria! Wishing you all the blueberry bushes your heart desires. 🙂

    I would rather spend money on books than clothes, but I think I’m going to have to bite the bullet and buy some new clothes soon. So not looking forward to that.

  5. Happy Birthday, Maria! I hope you get your blueberry bushes and some neat clothes!
    Thanks for sharing th pics of the fluffballs! Very cute! I hope the rest hatch okay.

    I just picked up my order of chicks from the post office this morning…all 26 were alive and healthy, woo hoo!

    Enjoy your company!


    Happy Birthday Maria!

    The chicks are so adorable. I hope more hatch soon for you. Spring is certainly making itself more apparent in my neck of the woods. Trying my best to enjoy this soothing weather.

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