Spam & Eggs: A Bloggy Headache

I totally stole this title from my friend, BE Sanderson. Monday, I was lamenting that I wasn’t getting any notifications that I’d had any comments from my ‘egg post‘.

It turns out, I had comments, just no notifications. Then, out of spite or dumb luck, after noon time, no one was able to make any comments at all, even if they had already commented that day! They were told their comments were spam! Spam!

Honestly, I would never be that rude. You know how much I love you guys.

It was a mystery, and me with no bloodhound and even less computer skills. I checked the settings on all my plugins nearly a dozen times. Everything was as I remembered it. Nothing had changed.

Caveat: My WordPress theme (the layout of the blog) hasn’t been updated to the latest version. I was waiting for hell to freeze over because I know the minute I update it, I’ll lose all of the modifications I made to the blog over the past year.

That might not seem like a big deal to you, but to me, it’s torture because WordPress (and all the plugins) I use are only user-friendly to people under the age of twenty. Finding where I added some tiny bit of text is like searching for buried treasure–while blindfolded.

The other possibility is that when I spoke to my web host geek, he mentioned something about a line of code might be corrupted.

My last possibility is that it could be JetPack, a major plugin that also flashed an error message about some code being wonky. Strangely enough, the error message disappeared when I clicked on it, so who knows.

The worst case scenario is that they might have to purge the core files and reboot them with the original files. Yes, this is as scary as it sounds. What happens to all my modifications on the blog? And what happens to all my content?

So I’m trying not to jump the gun. I’ll start with JetPack and see what they say. Then update the theme to see if that helps. And if all else fails I’ll let WordPress reset the files.

Life was easier when someone else did the background work for me like or, but I really like being in control of my content. I only wish I had a teenager nearby with mad coding skills.

So this is a head’s up. If you see this blog going blank, turning somersaults, or grinning at you like a demented psychopath, I can assure you, I will look worse.

In other news I have some really great stories to tell you about where I’ve been and what I’ve been up to. If WordPress will play nice with me, I’ll catch you up on events next week.

Big plans ahead for the homestead. Big plans.

Comment Update: I contacted JetPack since it appears the problem is with their plugin. Still no word on the fix.  🙁


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