Snoring Like a Freight Train

I have an embarrassing confession to make. I snore. According to Greg, I snore like a freight train carrying a load of cattle. This started about a year ago. Strangely enough, it was near the same time I stopped going to regular yoga classes. I don’t know if it’s related, but it’s an interesting coincidence.

Unlike Greg, who is a mouth breather and also snores, I breathe through my nose. Whatever it was that changed how I breathe happened relatively recently.

We tried everything to compensate. He’d move to another bedroom or we switched sides of the bed. We’ve even slept opposite each other, him at the foot of the bed and me at the top.

I went to the doctor and told her about my snoring and she recommended a sleep clinic. Is it me, or do doctors just pawn you off more readily rather than look for a cause? It’s been over a week and I still haven’t heard from the sleep clinic.

In the meantime I tried those breathing strips you see everywhere. Amazingly enough, it cut my snoring down by more than 90%. Again, this is according to Greg since I never hear myself snore.

The other interesting thing that happened is that I feel more rested now. Before no matter how much sleep I got, I always woke up tired. This isn’t like me. Most of my energy is first thing in the morning so I’m up and at’em as soon as my eyes are open.



Pros and Cons of breathing strips

• They work—at least for me.
• I’m more rested—and now so is Greg

• It’s something else you have to buy
• It leaves a red mark—at least on me. The redness lasts a couple of hours after I pull the strip off.

Have you ever tried these breathing strips? How was your experience with them? Do you snore? Do you do anything about it?


I’ve been out of touch with online friends of late. For weeks I’ve been having problems with my internet. I’d call my provider and they’d jimmy something at their end and it would come back up. Other times, I’d just wait it out. It usually came back in a few minutes (or twenty) then conk out again.

My provider suggested it was my router. They gave me a newer one, but we’re still having issues.

I think it’s the dish on my roof. Maybe it’s loose and shifting whenever the wind blows. They finally agreed to send out a technician to check. Unfortunately, we won’t see him until Thursday.

It’s so frustrating. It’s cutting into my design work too. I can’t search for art without the internet. Hopefully they’ll have an answer for me on Thursday. In the meantime, apologies if I’ve missed you online. I’m doing my best, but my internet goes out more often than I do.




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  1. I’m sure I snore, but Hubs never mentions it. He snores, but it doesn’t keep me up. (My brain does that enough without his help. Ugh.) In fact, when he doesn’t snore, it wakes me up because I’m so used to it.

    I’m so glad the strips are working for you and you’re sleeping better now. Sorry your internet is wonky. I hate that. Fingers crossed they get it fixed for you soon. :hugs:

    • BE. Greg sleeps through anything so if I wake him up with my snoring, it must be bad.I only wish I could figure out what has changed to have this happen. At least the strips help.

      The internet problem is the same. Thursday can’t come soon enough.

  2. Snoring when mouth is closed has become my dirty little secret too Maria, the lack of rest it results in has become almost as much of a problem as my OAB some nights. I will say that it only occurs when my body shuts down from sheer exhaustion so it is not a constant problem thank goodness.

    Internet by satellite dish is the pits, we have both internet and television service delivered that way and will say that maybe you had the same thing happen we did and that is your dish may have moved just a hair during one of those violent wind/rain/hail storms that have hit in the past months.

    Our television dish actually bent just enough it would knock out the reception at the slightest hint of a weather front coming through. Now with a different dish in the past several years we only lose service when the weather is so severe it blocks out the signal from space completely.

    • Jackie: They say snoring is dangerous because it could be a sign of sleep apnea, and you can die from it. But for now, I’m more worried that I keep my better half from sleeping.

      re; dish
      I didn’t realize they could be bent. We did have some pretty good hail storms, and I still have the occasional woodpecker pecking on it.

  3. My guy snores like ten freight trains (deviated septum), but after almost 40 years of listening to it I can’t fall asleep without hearing it. I think my tolerance may be because I spent most of my childhood in a house next to a small aircraft airport, directly beneath the flight path to the runway. He also sometimes talks in his sleep, which does wake me up briefly, but he just relives conversations he had at work that day, I think — he’s always asking for tools, ordering parts or diagnosing a mechanical problem. 🙂

    During my pregnancies I slept badly, and became super-sensitive to his snoring, so I invested in some wax earplugs. They worked fine, and they’re reusable.

    • Lynn:
      re: living by an airport
      I imagine you can sleep through anything growing up with that. 😀

      re: sleep talking
      Greg makes me laugh when he sleep talks. He doesn’t do it often but when he does, he seems to be on the most thrilling adventures. One time he kept asking me if the perimeter was secure. I ignored him thinking he would just fall back to sleep, but no, he was insistent. As soon as I told him the perimeter was secured, he went right back to sleep. Mission accomplished, Sir.

  4. My snoring has been dramatically alleviated by an acupuncture ring worn on my little finger. 90 percent plus success rate. No idea why it works but it does. Cheap on Amazon. Quite a few products – if you’re interested I can be specific about the one I bought

  5. We both snore here, though my snoring bothers my hubby more since he is a lighter sleeper than I am. If he gets to sleep before I fall asleep then usually its okay, but some nights he’ll end up on the couch. I have tried those breathing strips and they did reduce my snoring big time. Fact is I get lazy sometimes and forget to put them on. I suppose eventually I should see the doctor about the snoring since sleep apnea can be detrimental to one’s health. Good luck with your sleep evaluation when it comes about!


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