RIP, Iko

There are no words to express our sorrow and pain. We lost our brave boy suddenly. His great, big heart gave out. There wasn’t even time to get him to the vet. Our baby died in Greg’s arms.

We were so very close to getting him well. The sutures were holding. His healing was going well. He had a great morning! At 2pm I took him for a walk through his favorite path and he was as happy as a young pup.

By 4pm he was gone.

We tried so hard, but he slipped through our hands anyway. I hope Tank came back to show him the way home because that’s what big brothers do.

Rest in Peace, my good, brave boy. Wait for us on Rainbow Bridge.


Note: I had planned on blogging again Monday, but I need more time. We are numb with grief.

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  1. i am so sorry.. I know it means little now but he knew he was loved and in the arms of those that adored him.. its heartbreaking, I know the pain at his loss is being felt, I can only hope that time will allow so many good memories time to shine while the pain slowly fades.. but I still cry years later over my heart dogs passing. Hugs Val

  2. Beth Anderson

    My heart is breaking with yours. So sad. He was such a sweet fella. He had the best family any dog could have. There are no words I can give to help. Tears are streaming down my face as I type. Sending hugs. I know he was well loved. Love you guys!


    Tank showed himself to be quite the gentleman and wonderful big brotherI while he graced us all with his presence. I’ve no doubt he was there to show Iko the way.

    Virtual hugs and my condolences seem so lame, but my heart hurts for and with you, especially knowing how much you and hubby loved your brave boy. I am glad he was held in love in life and as he passed.

  4. That numb with grief is so hard, words cannot express the loss and I’m so sorry. Having recently losing my own dog I can identify. I still find DIxie’s bones on the property that she hunted and left behind and it stops me in my footprints. Find comfort in knowing he was loved and I bet tank did greet him with a big hug of love.

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