Renovate Your Laundry Room With These Great Tips


I love that she says they’re a one-income family. None of what they did was hard or expensive. Most of the materials can be found at remodeling surplus stores. I’ve picked up ready-made cabinets and storage bins at garage sales that I’ve used in my potting shed and studio. Recently, I bought a wall cabinet and a rolling 5-bin cart for less than $10.

Does anyone have a laundry room? I have to admit, mine is in shambles. It’s a decent size but I don’t think I utilize it well–probably because I make it pull duty as a laundry room and a parts warehouse for every machine we’ve ever owned. Not to mention the cabinets are full of cleaners, paints, batteries, and light bulbs. No wonder I have no room to sort laundry. It’s something I need to address.

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  1. We might show you our laundry room one day. It’s a cornucopia of books, electrical bits and pieces, chilli plants, wine demijohns, bottles of wine, beer and spirits, a freezer, juicer, bread-maker, old documents, Ceylonese drums, washing machine and a large clothes-horse. Oh and a watering can, ladder and various brushes.

  2. I love it! Especially how organized she is with racks for the kids’ clothes, color coordinated hangers, etc. Very nicely done! I do have a laundry room. It is small but its just the two of us so it works. Son and daughter in law have one across the patio from the main house; its enclosed and the patio has a cover on it so if you are walking to the laundry room in the rain you aren’t getting wet. They are enjoying it after being in an apartment for a year and having to deal with common laundry rooms or laundromat.


  3. JackieBCentralTexas

    We have a laundry room about that size but it is traditional set up with my washer/dryer side by side and cabinets mounted above dryer with a sink/drawer/cabinet combo as you walk in so pretty tight with a lot of wasted wall space.

    I also have stored our small amount of Christmas ornaments there in the cabinet under the sink with the attachments to my Dyson vac, we never use any of these anymore so really should purge the items but so far have not gotten around to it yet.

  4. I have a laundry room with washer/dryer and cabinets above it. And one little cart (w/wheels) to hold the laundry basket. No room to sort or fold, though. Maybe if the second refrigerator/freezer wasn’t in there… But it’s just the two of us. I sort and fold the stuff in our bedroom on laundry day.

    Our house was originally planned for the washer & dryer to be upstairs. I foresaw a disaster of flooding waiting to happen (because that’s what washers do, right?) and said “no way!” So we pushed the garage out to the side a bit (luckily we had the room) and added the laundry room (it acts sort of like a mud room, too, from the garage).

    • Stacy: It’s Murphy’s Law. Why tempt fate?

      When we were looking for a home I insisted on a one-story. If this was going to be our ‘last’ house I didn’t want to end up not using the second floor because of age or injury. that would be a waste.

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