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I did not know the one about Febreze. And I am definitely trying the almonds next time I have a headache. Have you tried any of these? Do they work?

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  1. LD Masterson

    If I can resist scratching at a bite for a half a minute or so, it will usual stop itching. Until I forget and accidentally scratch it again. Wonder if the glue stick will keep it from itching after the second scratch.

    • Linda: I don’t see how a glue stick would help, but I’m willing to experiment.

      PS Got your emails. Just as soon as I get caught up with company and chores, I’ll email you back.

      re: gallery
      I think it’s a WordPress issue. They just upgraded the version and I think it messed up the carousel.

      Thanks for letting me know.

  2. I can vouch for hairspray on ink stains; it usually works on my clothes (I write with fountain pens, and I can be a klutz when I refill them.) Sometimes it doesn’t work on cotton, though.

    I definitely have to try that glue stick trick, too.

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