Quail on the Homestead

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Last year we  tried quail as an experiment. We decided not to over winter them and dispatched them before it got cold. Then during the winter I started cooking some of those quail, and man, were they good.

We decided to get a new batch. I don’t think I’ll over winter these either, but we’ll see. The more animals you have, the more work involved. Even if these guys are tiny, it’s still adding to the workload.

For now, I hope to raise some chicks and stock my freezer.

We were looking for bobwhite quail which are a bit bigger, but this is all we found locally. We might still add the bobwhite before the year is out if we can find them for a good price.

Ticking off my homestead list:

  • the goats have had their babies
  • my first batch of Ameraucana chicks are on the ground
  • the cool weather crops are in the garden
  • my front yard landscaping has started
  • the trees have all budded
  • hummingbirds should be arriving any day now.

Yup. I think spring is here in Texas. What’s on your spring (or pre-spring) checklist?

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  1. Mike Keyton

    Never ever had quail. Memo to self – remedy said situation ref Spring jobs, I’ve just spent £15 on two pheremone traps for plum/damson moths – their worms ravage my damson crop. Now I have to calculate whether if will be worth it – in a sense I’m now paying for what I should have for free. This goes against everything I stand for

    • Mike: Quail are delicious. I never tried it in the restaurant because they’re so expensive.

      re: …I’m now paying for what I should have for free.
      Or as I like to say: The more you own, the more things own you. Collections require space, gardens require moth killers, and children (and pets) require everything.

  2. Our spring hasn’t quite arrived yet but we had a large tree taken down in preparation for re-grading and sodding the hill in our side yard and I’ve started pulling out the grass trying to grow between the paving stone around the deck. Weeding and garden clearing will probably start in earnest next week.


    In the mornings, it feels like spring is trying to un-spring, But by midday, the heat and humidity remind me that is just how Texas weather works 🙂

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