Prepping for Autumn

It might be August, but it’s time to start thinking about prepping for the fall. That means pulling out all the stops and cleaning out the pantry and freezers. This year it’s a little extra work because I’m making room in the freezer for the pig.

For months I’ve been steadily using up food from the pantry and freezers to clear the decks for what should be a pretty big carcass. Greg plans to smoke some of the meat, but I have plans for that fresh bacon and those pork butts.

I’m not a fan of ham, particularly, processed ham with all those nitrates, but I love fresh pork untouched by chemicals.

Even though we did a good job of using up food, as I was cleaning out the freezers and pantry, I found a few things that were a little old. It was entirely my fault. Instead of pulling them to the forefront, they kept getting pushed back until they were forgotten.

But all was not lost. Those two dozen cans of sweet corn, soup, okra, and old meat got recycled via the pig. She’s been chowing down on old food along with her regular feed. She’s gotten so spoiled, she’s been turning up her nose at her regular food unless there’s something extra in it.

The pantry is a mess right now, even though it was neat and orderly only two months ago. I need to start making room for when the big grocery sales start in November. This is when I stock up on staples.

And aren’t we popular lately? It looks like we’ll be having more company in November so I want to make sure everything is clean, fresh, and sparkling.

Last year, we were in the midst of a major remodel. This year, all the fancy decorations will be out and I’ll be cleaning house top to bottom in preparation. Please don’t tell Greg. He’s going to be helping, but I want to break it to him gently. 🙂

August might seem a tad early for fall prepping, but I like to be thorough and I don’t want to kill myself doing it.

Maybe it’s the eclipse, but I’m in the mood for a fresh start. I’m tired of the heat, tired of feeding animals, tired of weeding. I just want to get away for a bit–if only that pinched nerve could let up a little. Do you ever feel like chucking it all and doing something crazy at the spur of the moment?


Totality: Who’s going to see (or has seen) the eclipse in person? We’re a little too far south to see a total eclipse. Greg wanted to take a road trip for the event, but the thought of sitting in a car for that many hours with a pinched nerve was enough to dissuade me. I’m glad too. According to the news there’ve been a steady stream of tourists flooding into the path of the eclipse. I’m not going to suffer for hours just to see three minutes of totality.

When do you start thinking about prepping for the changing seasons? Do you start when the weather changes or are you like me (and border collie, Nana) and get started before the first leaf falls?

Are you interested in the eclipse? I wish we could have seen it, but we’ll have another chance in seven years. The next one is supposed to go through Texas.


PS  Still having trouble with my internet. The techs came to the house and managed to get Greg back online, but our connection continues to wave in and out. They’re going to have to come back and climb the roof. The satellite dish is the only thing that hasn’t been checked.






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  1. I am so tired of the heat, too. Sigh.

    We should see a really good partial eclipse. We thought about traveling a bit, going down to the beach, etc for a better view, but I have a feeling the crowds will be out and about and add in the heat, forget it. I’ll see what I can see from near home. 🙂

  2. Rain clouds got between us and what we were supposed to see of the eclipse. I’ve seen two already so it wasn’t a once-in-a-lifetime event for me. 🙂

    I’ll give myself an afternoon off if I’m feeling super stressed. There’s an antique mall I like where I’ll just go, walk around and look at things when I want to get out of the house, but I really like simply relaxing with the dogs on the back porch.

    I usually start prepping for Fall in August, too. I begin with cleaning the guest rooms and common areas, changing out my decor from spring/summer to fall/winter and starting on holiday planning. I do my big fall cleaning next month, and we have the carpets professionally cleaned in October. Doing a little each month rather than all at once works better for me — less pressure to get it done, and more time to do it properly.

    • Lynn: Now I do the opposite. I leave the guest rooms until the very end so I’m sure the linens are fresh, although I will vacuum and dust in there early.

      I have yet to do any holiday planning mostly because I’m not sure how much company I’m having yet.

  3. Jenny Schwartz

    That pig is awfully handy – great way to dispose of the old food without feeling it was wasted. But cleaning with a pinched nerve sounds painful! Be careful, Maria.

    • Jenny: It’s a funny thing about that pinched nerve. It only hurts when I sit down and sometimes when I lay down. I’d sleep on the floor if only I could be sure there are no scorpions wandering around. For some reason it feels better on a harder surface than a softer one. Go figure.

      But walking, bending, or heavy lifting, and I’m fine. I just can’t rest. 🙁

  4. We only have one season here, LOL, so not much to prepare between them. In reality, we really do have a variety of temperatures but not much to be done other than perhaps closing down the pool when it is too cold to swim and then reopening it when it starts to warm up. Ouch with your pinched nerve! I was working through the eclipse; didn’t notice too much difference in the change of light outside either but then it was a somewhat cloudy day.


    • Linda: Unfortunately, that’s something I’ll have to live with for the rest of my life. It gets better with intense stretching and muscle relaxants, but one specialist told me that after 10 years, chances are I’ll always be afflicted.

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