Prepping For Another Major Renovation


I’m getting my floors refinished! That’s the good news.

Better news: I don’t have to get on my hands and knees and sand the floors myself.

The bad news? We have to move four rooms of furniture and appliances somewhere else. I honestly don’t know where we’re going to put everything.

This is how I hope it will look!

If we put the car outside, I guess we could put the bulk of the furniture in the garage, but I have a few delicate and HEAVY pieces that I’d like to move in as short a distance as possible. I also have to box up a ton of delicate figurines and decor that have to be stored separately and carefully.

For the last few days, we’ve been slowly boxing or dismantling things to move. I’m hoping the refinishers will help us move the really heavy pieces.

The refinishing will take at least three days, maybe four depending on when we can move the furniture back. We’ll have to leave the house entirely for the last two days because the fumes from the varnish will make it unlivable. I’m hoping I can find a pet friendly hotel nearby.

The first day won’t be so bad. I plan to make coffee and coffeecake for us and the refinishers. We can do cold sandwiches later in the day. But once the first coat of varnish goes down, we’ll have no access to the kitchen, or any other part of the house except for Greg’s study.

This puts a small kink in my No Spend January because we’ll be without a kitchen for three days, so we’ll have to eat out. I think the best fix I can do for that is to tack on one more week of no spending in February to make up for January.

Update on No Spend January: We’re actually doing quite well on our goal. Greg hasn’t complained at all. Once this is all over I’ll give a better account of where the pros and cons came in.

Have you ever had any remodeling where you had to leave your home? Did you book a hotel, or did you stay with friends/family?

Greg is not happy about leaving the house unattended, but we have no choice. There’s no way we can stay in a house with fumes. I’m particularly sensitive to chemical odors so there’s a chance even 24 hours won’t be enough for me.

I have posts planned for later this week, but I’m not sure if I’ll publish them because I probably won’t have access to a computer while the house is in disarray. So if you don’t hear from me, that’s why.


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  1. Have never had to leave the house for a remodel. But just moving furniture to paint is a pain. A big reason I don’t paint. Haha!

    Hope your floors look as good as the picture and that you don’t have to be away for long. I can only imagine how bad it will smell. Ugh.

    • Stacy: I’m a stickler with painting, so if it’s not moveable, it’s covered.

      The thing I hate is climbing up and down ladders. We have tall ceilings so every few feet I have to climb down, move the ladder two feet and climb back up. Great for the quads. LOL!

    • Jenny: Juggling the dogs has been the hardest. One of my friends offered to keep us but she lives so far away and Greg wants to be nearby in case the workers come early or leave late.

      Next week, hopefully, I’ll be all smiles. 🙂

  2. Oh my gosh! This is a big undertaking indeed! I can’t imagine! The finished floors will look great, but all the work involved to get there! Never had such a remodeling like this while still inhabiting a house. This would drive me crazy too because I would have to take the time off work; couldn’t be at the house, but really couldn’t move my computer, etc., to a motel, set it up, try to hook to Internet, etc.

    Hoping it does go smoothly and you’ll be back at home sooner than later!


    • Betty: I’m getting a headache trying to plan for living out of suitcase, including dog food and treats, leashes, bowls, and ASPIRIN. LOL.

      Except for a couple of things, the house is empty. You can hear an echo when you talk. Now to wait on the workmen and pray I like the final result.

  3. That is a huge project, and I don’t envy you the furniture moving. My shoulder still hurts from the last time we had to clear out three rooms for the carpet cleaners.

    When we have to have our outdoor equipment for the well repaired they shut off our water for four days. We had just enough containers to store the water we needed for cooking, drinking and to flush the toilets, so it wasn’t too horrible, but I rented a motel room in town so we could bathe properly once a day. I can compromise on a lot of things if I must, but not showering. 🙂

    • Lynn: I’m not sure I realized just how huge a project it would be. The work they’ve done so far is exhausting. There are five of them working nonstop except for a 20 minute lunch break.

      re: water
      That’s my non-negotiable point too. I must have water–somehow, somewhere.

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