Of Woodpeckers and Pet Projects

We heard a woodpecker hammering away at a tree and Greg says: That’s the Machine Gun Kelly of the bird world. I laughed so hard, I had to make a meme for it. It really did sound like a machine gun going off.

At least he wasn’t on on my roof, pecking away at our satellite dish. That’s our only source of internet connection.

Photo credit: jerrygabby1 via Visualhunt / CC BY-NC, Modification: Maria Zannini


We FINALLY did our taxes. I don’t know why we put it off for so long. Surprisingly, it wasn’t the brain drain of last year. Next year, with even less deductions, it should be a piece of cake–unless I make tons of dough. Talk about bittersweet. 🙂

We had some good rain come through. Not a lot, but enough to give everything a good drink of water. I started on my brick garden ‘patio’. Back-breaking work, but Greg helped so the job was less murderous than I anticipated. We still have another section to do. Unfortunately, I might run out of brick before then.

I’m determined not to buy anything to fix up my patio. If I run out of brick, I’ll have to wait until I find someone giving away their leftover brick. I want this to be a totally recycled project.

I’m hoping for a couple more days of rain so I can take the rest of the week off. My muscles still haven’t recovered from brick hauling duty. We moved hundreds of brick. I didn’t get fancy with the design when I reset them. I just wanted a nice even surface.

Pictures will come later. It’s a little too rainy for photos.

What big project is on your horizon this spring? What would you like to get off your bucket list? Have you ever heard a woodpecker?


Photo credit: jerrygabby1 via Visualhunt / CC BY-NC, Modification: Maria Zannini





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  1. Maria taxes this year for us were easier also as less paperwork to produce and utilize this time.

    Pet project right now is our family getting together with a lawyer to start the process of legal documents to put in place who gets what and etc. Headache from the get go and the lawyer is on vacation this week so now we have met and started the process it will still be a bit of time before finalizing everything. See why most people let it slide and die intestate.

    Woody makes an appearance here every once in a while. We have some really large ones and what I think when hear the pecking sound is it compares to what I have to endure when in the MRI machine every year.

    • Jackie: I swear those woodpeckers are machines. They’re amazing.

      re: lawyers
      Oh, that hit a hot spot with me. We’ve been talking about wills and such for months. Strangely enough, none of my local friends can recommend a lawyer for wills. Either they had theirs done elsewhere or they don’t have one.

      We really need to get that done.

  2. Our yard is woodpecker central right now due to a dying tree that’s turned into a bug buffet. I’ve spotted four different types of woodpeckers feasting on it.. They’d better eat now though because our big project is removing that tree and having a substantial sized new one planted.

  3. I have heard of woodpeckers and had a few visit us at times, but thankfully didn’t cause any damage. That does sound like a big project with the bricks. We got a new concrete brick wall last year and had to get rid of the old wooden fence that was there. I advertised on Craig’s List with free wood and had tons of replies, but went with the first one. When he came to pick up the wood, he said he was making a house out of recyclable materials. I wonder a year later how he is doing with it. We have a few projects we are getting done this year; new gates and completion of the concrete wall. See what else as money permits 🙂


  4. I hear woodpeckers from time-to-time while I’m out walking. Nothing near our house, though. But then, we don’t have a lot of large trees in our neighborhood.

    No projects planned. I just want to get through the spring!!

  5. We have a red-headed woodpecker who has recently moved into our biggest oak, and your machine-gun analogy is absolutely right on the money. He’s already chased away all our mourning doves. My pups hate the sounds of him pecking and will circle the tree barking until I haul them away. I’m hoping he eats some of the buck moth catepillars because this is their month to drop on our heads. 🙁

    My big spring project is to get my garden prepped and planted. I’m just growing flowers this year, but I need to get outdoors more, and the exercise is good for me. I also miss having fresh flowers on the table, and I’m too cheap to buy them.

    I’ve started a sewing bucket list so I can design and make some of the quilts I’ve always thought about putting together but never took the time to work out the patterns and draft them. This month it’s a bargello quilt made entirely from quarter-yard pieces of fabric, so I have to haul out my rusty math skills and put them to work. 🙂

    • Lynn: I keep telling myself I’m getting too much exercise. Ha! Every muscle on my body aches, but I really want to get all the heavy lifting done before our weather changes to Bake.

      You’ll have to post some pictures of the flowers you planted this year. My next project is the front yard. I try to mix it up between flowers and berries, but I still have some bare spots, so i could use some ideas for dry, hot summers.

  6. I grew up on Woody Woodpecker. I think I fell in love with the colours, unimaginable vivid in an otherwise grey world. No big projects for me, though our damson trees are at last pruned. Might be a year or two before we have damsons, so two years respite from stoning the damn things 🙂

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