Ode to the Compost Bin


We cleared the woods and put you upcompost-bins-clearing-land-sm.
From rotting leaves you gave us good earth.

But now your sides are gray and worn.
And chickens scratch the dirt.

We put our compost bins up in 2009. We cleared a big swath of land near the garden. Today you can barely tell what we’d cleared. The trees have come back and next to the compost, the asparagus bed is in full foliage.



We’re letting the chicks free range in the hopes they might be able to rid me of the little worms and crickets that have devastated my peas and beans. In the meantime, they thought they’d find good pickings over at the compost bin too.







Life on the farm.



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  1. I remember in the early 1970s when recycling and “saving the planet” movements were starting to take hold. My mom embraced them. We recycled paper bags, not throwing out one until we literally used it to death for our lunches, etc. My mom made a small compost garden in a patch of dirt we had and put various things in it (egg shells, other peels, etc). The dirt there did become more fertile I do believe!


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