No Menu This Week

Despite all our precautions, we both came down with the flu. To make matters worse, it hit us on the day my brother and his family had come down to visit.

We haven’t had much of an appetite. It’s probably soup and dry toast this week.

Holy moley, I had forgotten how bad this could be.

I don’t know yet if I’ll post on Monday. Let’s see how I feel. We’re weak as kittens, but moaning like dying cows. 🙂

Stay well.

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  1. Sorry to hear about the dreaded Flu striking you both at the same time. Know very well what is happening is really not easy to get over and certainly not fun to go through, alone or together.

    Maria you and Greg stay in and just relax as much as you can and get over everything. DO NOT overdue things as is your way so the body heals the way the mind thinks it should already be.

    Virtual Hugs, Jackie

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