Memorial Day 2016


Memorial Day
A somber post today. I’ve been ticked off by recent news articles about vandals damaging several Memorial Day displays; a couple at cemeteries. What is wrong with these people?

I know it’s a tiny minority but it riles me that these miscreants exist at all. Karma needs to smack them in the head.

Men and women have DIED for our country when we needed them most. I suppose the concept of death is alien to younger people, but when you see enough of it, you come to grasp the enormity of that sacrifice. Someday we’ll all cross that bridge. Give a care to those who did it willingly for their families, for their brothers and sisters at arms, and for their country.

Their families still grieve for them. Both should be respected and honored.

Are you a veteran or do you have anyone in the military? Are you traveling this holiday? It’s estimated 38 million Americans will be traveling over Memorial Day. Wow!

Stay safe.




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  1. betty

    I too am appalled at reports like this. I think respect has been lost in the world these days. That and commonsense and kindness. I am thankful for those who serve and grateful for those who gave their lives in doing so.


  2. Mike: True. I get annoyed with politicians when they mouth off some banal sentiment. It’s too rehearsed, too canned to sound sincere, but I’m adamant that as a people we should revere those who fight for us and those who die for us.

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