Meet Captain Jack

Our latest arrival is this little buckling. He’s a pure bred Nubian, future mate for my Nubian girls. We call him Captain Jack (named after Jack Harkness for Dr Who fans). Jack’s sire was named Captain America, so I thought it only fitting that Jack be a captain too.

Poor Captain Jack had a terrible first day. His new girlfriends bullied him and our resident herd queen, Pan butted him every chance she got. He got no love from anyone and he cried piteously.

We bedded him down for the night, and even though his girls rejected him, he still didn’t want to be parted from them. I let them together and it’s been détente for a day and a half. Today, they’re willing to stand the sight of him as long as they get fed.

Jack is only 3 1/2 months old so he has a way to go before he becomes agreeable to them.

Meanwhile, I worry, as I am apt to do, until things return to normal. He’s not eating as much as I’d like, but he’s getting there. New food, new herd. It’s a lot for a little guy to get used to.

Jack is the sociable sort and is easy to love, which is why I named him Captain Jack (Harkness). You Doctor Who and Torchwood fans know what I mean. I credit Jack’s breeders for his good social skills. They handle their goats a lot and it makes them quite friendly. Even their herd sire is docile.

More on Jack and the rest of the gang in a future Homestead Report. For now, I’m going to bail on you for the rest of the week. There will be a menu post next Sunday, but I am off this week and possibly next week, depending on how much I get done–especially with how much I get done on this web site.

Apparently, I have fallen into a rabbit hole of twists and turns.

So far I have…

• severely mangled my blog’s theme. I’m testing out new ones almost daily, so if you see strange aberrations here, it’s only temporary. I still have a coding problem which is as daunting as it sounds for a person of limited technical savvy.

• a goat workshop coming up this week.

• a blog conference coming up next week. Or at least I think it’s next week.

• Samhain has closed, so that comes with its own share of headaches as I try to decide what to do with my books.

• I hope to have another new arrival, but the breeder has been strangely quiet.

• Spring is here, which means I am late for everything. I have to get beds turned over and planted before the weeds grab hold.

• a myriad of little (but important) projects, all seemingly with the same deadlines.

Normally, I wouldn’t take off this long, but I really need to get my bearings. If it’s not raining, I’ll be outside. If it is raining, it’s back to web site work and writing blog posts.

Check on me from time to time or visit me on Facebook. When I don’t blog, I usually have time to post more often on Facebook.



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  1. Stacy McKitrick

    Spring is here? It may be raining, but I won’t believe Spring is here until the threat of snow is gone!!! Oh, and the temperatures go up and stay up.

    Captain Jack is definitely a cutie. Hope you get everything you want done, done! 🙂

  2. Stacy: I wasn’t ready to believe it was spring, but there’s no chance of cold weather for the next 10 days. We had one frost day all winter. I’m not complaining, but I hope it doesn’t repay us with more bugs. I depend on those mini freezes to kill off grasshoppers and other evil bugs.

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