Me and Nana Are Taking a Break

I’m bailing on the blog this week. Thursday night I complained about a scratchy throat, but we had bigger fish to fry when Nana came up lame–again.

It usually last two days and then she recovers, but it happens so regularly we decided the next time it happened we were taking her to the vet. Many, many x-rays later, we found a small bone chip separated from her hip, but it was the wrong hip that was bothering her.

The vet finally concluded that it had to be a tendon or ligament. It doesn’t help that she’s still packing on the pounds. It’s a Catch-22, she needs to exercise to take the weight off, but she can’t exercise without exacerbating her injury.

Anyway, because of her I didn’t think the sore throat was important until Friday morning when it tried to choke the life out of me. I could barely swallow, I ached everywhere, and had chills. Why do these things happen to me?! I need to be more careful out there.

Thanks to all you sweet friends who sent me your good wishes on Facebook. I really appreciated it. I was so out of it by Saturday, I could barely get out of bed.

Because my family is coming down here in a matter of days, I didn’t try to tough it out like I usually do. Rest, Oscillococcinum, (I swear that’s a real word.), Nyquil, and antibiotics. I probably slept 20 hours out of 24 for the last three days. For someone who barely sleeps six hours, that’s a dead giveaway I was really struggling.

I’m still feeling pretty ragged, and tire out from the smallest exertion, but I hope to be better by the time my family arrives on Friday. For now, I have to rest. Greg has been holding down the fort. He makes me soup and oatmeal. Nana never leaves my side. Iko drove away some strangers wanting to talk about religion. I have a lot of support. 🙂

PS  I should never have answered the door, but Greg was in the shower and the car looked like it belonged to a friend of mine. Worse than that, they kept preaching to me even after I told them I was really ill. Iko poked his head past the door and made them take a step back though. As weak as I was I’m not sure I could’ve stopped him, but he’s a good boy.







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    • Angela: The preachers would’ve done more for their cause if they had offered to pray for my recovery, but no, they just went into their spiel. Iko wouldn’t have done anything to them, but you know how big he is. He can intimidate by size alone.

  1. Stacy McKitrick

    Sorry you’re sick. I sure hope that’s not what I’m getting. My voice is going, but it’s not super sore. I am coughing, though. Guess I’ll see how I am in the morning. Ugh. Get better soon!!!

    • Stacy: Don’t wait for it to get worse. Up your dose of Vitamin C, EmergenC, echinacea, or whatever homeopathic remedy you like to try. Believe me, it hit me so suddenly, I was caught unaware. Worst timing ever, but I still hope to be well (or at least not contagious) by Friday when my family arrives.

  2. Take care of yourself and Nana!! So sorry to hear you are both under the weather. I’m a believer, but I never like when people come knocking on my door. These days I tend not to answer them. I hope you both make a quick and speedy recovery!

    • Betty: I hate people coming to the door unannounced, even friends. Give me a head’s up so I’ll at least have my bra on. LOL!

      I love company, but only when I know they’re coming ahead of time so I can give them a proper welcome. (and not when I’m sick.)

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