Make an Old Fashioned Ice Cream Malt

Make your own ice cream malts

I have a weakness for vanilla malts. Part of it is that it takes me back to fond memories of dating, simpler pleasures, and youth.

The last time we stopped by a local diner I noticed they had an old fashioned ice cream bar at the back of the restaurant. We had a light meal so we decided to share a malt.

Man, oh man, was that good. Expensive, but good. We went back again a few weeks later and each of us had our own malts. This time I paid attention to the young girl behind the counter. Aside from a powder I didn’t recognize, all the ingredients were everyday items.

The most important ingredient is ice cream. Here in the South, it’s Blue Bell. Whatever you choose, opt for premium ice cream. It has a higher milk fat content.

If you buy a jar of Malted Milk powder, it has the recipe for an ice cream malt on the label. The recipe called for too much milk for my taste. I like my malts and shakes on the thick (spoonable) side.

Here’s the basic recipe

Vanilla Ice Cream Malt

3/4 cup ice cold milk
3 tablespoons of malted milk powder
1/2 teaspoon of vanilla extract
2 scoops of ice cream.

Blend until smooth then serve. Makes one serving.

I prefer less milk. The vanilla is up to your taste. Blue Bell’s Homemade Vanilla has enough flavor without the extra vanilla.

Either way, the taste takes you back to the 60s when all we worried about was getting home on time before our parents yelled at us. 😀

If you like ice cream malts, you must try making it yourself just once. You’ll think you went to heaven.

It is super easy. Add as much (or as little) ice cream, milk, or malted powder as your taste buds dictate.

Do you like ice cream shakes/malts? The good ones are pricey. Anything less than the primo stuff is an insult to ice cream connoisseurs everywhere.



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  1. Blue Bell homemade vanilla has long been my favorite way to make a homemade milk shake Maria, which for me is mostly ice cream with just enough milk so it can be stirred up. Malts are store bought from Whataburger occasionally and will probably continue to do so rather than making myself as not really a big ice cream eater anymore so do not keep it in the house because if so my husband eats too much at one time until it is gone anyway.

  2. I signed up for your subscriber box but I didn’t get an email about this post of yours. Maybe I’ll get it a day late like I do on another blog that sends out emails? I signed up yesterday (Wednesday).

    Love chocolate shakes. Haven’t had one in years. Probably a good thing for the waistline 🙂


  3. Betty: Sending you an email now. Your on my list, but you haven’t confirmed yet, so it won’t send it out until it knows you really signed up.

    re: shakes
    Vanilla is my favorite, though I can’t remember ever turning down chocolate either. 😀 This explains a lot.

  4. I’m lactose intolerant, so I have to take a pill before I have any dairy, but this would be worth it. 🙂

    I subscribed, and got my first e-mail this morning with the week’s menu post. The only oddity was that the e-mail had the same post listed three times.

    • Lynn: Rats! Well, let me know if it keeps doing that. It sent me just one, but I read on the web site that other people were getting them in threes. I don’t know what’s up with that.

      re: lactose intolerant
      Hubby is the same way, but he’d gladly take the pill if there’s a malt in his future. 🙂

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