The Lowly Fanny Pack In Fashion Again

The other day I read a funny article saying that Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar were touting the fanny pack as 2018’s latest fashion trend.

What is it that makes something trendy one year and tacky the next year?

For the record, I’ve been wearing fanny packs for decades. Decades! Even when they were considered uncool.

I didn’t care. I’d forgotten my purse one time too many. After that, I always wore a fanny pack. This way I never had to look for my purse or feel apprehensive when I draped it over a chair on in someone’s home. It was always on me.

I did have friends who made fun of my choice and chided me for being tacky, but I ignored them. Uncool or not, I am a pragmatist at heart. Since the day I started wearing fanny packs I never once forgot my purse, I never had a sore shoulder from lugging a heavy purse, or had anyone try to snatch my bag.

A butt pack had the advantage of being relatively small, which meant I had to be conscientious about what I carried. The one I use has multiple compartments. It’s the epitome of efficiency. Plus the fact it allows me hands-free mobility. That was a huge point in its favor and why I wear them to this day.

I’ve had all kind of waist purses, from leather to nylon, but I’m fond of the tough canvas bags. Like everything else, I’m rough on my wearables.

This year I’m in fashion. Next year, they’ll call me uncool again. Trends! Go figure.

Would you ever wear a fanny pack? Do you like to follow trends?

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  1. “Would you ever wear a fanny pack? Do you like to follow trends?”

    I have years ago worn a fanny pack, miss being able to do so as cannot manipulate the closure catch anymore because of right hand.

    I have never followed trends, by the time even know what they are they are out of style anyway Maria. Go figure, LOL.

    Sounds like your particular “accessory” is a lifesaver for not only your ability to lose the purse but also the accompanying pain of carrying it or remembering to take it with you when you are out and about.

    Also there is the issue of germs. Purses placed on tables, chairs, on the countertops or taken in toilet stalls in public restrooms are likely to bring home critters you really do not need.

    • Jackie: I completely forgot about the unsanitary conditions of where people put their purses. Good catch.

      The one I’m currently wearing has a large buckle/latch. It doesn’t take much to snap it in or out, but it still needs two hands, so if you have trouble with one hand I can see your dilemma.

      I rarely see with women with butt packs. And I doubt even with Vogue’s blessing will it ever be popular, but it matters not to me. 🙂

  2. I wear a smaller version of a fanny pack when I run/bike ride so I can keep my phone on me but not in my pocket where I know it would fall out. I also like bags I can wear across my body, keeping my hands free. Oh, and cargo shorts/pants – I love a good pocket. 🙂

  3. I have a really old fanny pack, but thinking about getting a new one. I like the RFID kind, because we travel, so I’ll probably get one before the next cruise! Lately I’ve been wearing one of those small purses that cross over my shoulder, but even those tend to bug me (cut into my neck). A fanny pack would be much nicer.

  4. Angela Brown

    I haven’t always liked purses. I am actually in a simple appreciation of them now. So I used to wear a fanny pack because it was easier than a purse. I didn’t realize they were in trend.

  5. I gave up carrying a purse years ago. For day-to-day use, if it doesn’t fit in my pockets, I don’t need it. But for those times when I do need a little extra carrying space (especially on vacation), I’ll dig out that fanny pack. Or, if I need to carry something a bit bulkier, I follow the grandkids’ lead and wear a lightweight string backpack. As far as I’m considered, if it’s comfortable and meets my needs…it’s in style.

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