Invest In Your Comfort: Pillow Talk


I spent a lot of money for my foam mattress. A ridiculous amount of money. And I would pay it again to get that same mattress. Coming from a tightwad like me, that’s saying a lot.

But what I love more than the mattress is my pillow. It’s called a Z Zoned Dough pillow.

When we bought our mattress two years ago, I noticed the pillow they had in the showroom was especially comfy. I asked the salesman about it and he showed me several densities and lofts (the height of the pillow).

I was in LOVE. I am the pickiest person in the world when it comes to my comfort, so believe me when I tell you that that pillow changed my life. No more neck aches. No more punching down the pillow to get it to contour around my head right. No more headaches in the morning.

I hemmed and hawed about the price, but it was worth it. Even Greg got one after he tried mine.

I used to use a Japanese buckwheat pillow, which was fine, but I will draw blood on anyone who tries to take my Dough pillow. LOL!

Pillows (and mattresses) are such personal choices, but it’s the difference between night and day to get the right one for you. Please don’t be like me and live in misery because of the price. It has been so worth it. I could kick myself for not getting one sooner.

What kind of pillow do you like? Soft, firm, high, or low?

A firm, low-loft pillow is perfect for me. Greg likes his softer and slightly higher. Have you ever tried a buckwheat pillow? It’s a little noisy, but very malleable. It was kind of like hearing someone eating cornflakes every time I moved my head. Unfortunately, I move around a lot at night so it sometimes woke me up. Greg claims I kick too, but I’m not owning up to that.


Side Note: I took the plunge and bought the Roomba 880. I’ll report back to let you know how it worked. I decided to go ahead and get it when I saw that they were $100 off the regular price. I think the sale’s only for three more days. These things never seem to go on sale so I thought I’d better jump on it.

I had done a lot of research since I mentioned it a couple of weeks ago, and this seems to be the best one for the money.

Now to train the dogs not to bark at it.

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  1. I think it is wise to invest in something that will help us get a good night of sleep. We had an old mattress for years and finally took the plunge last year to buy a new one. The difference in comfort was noticeable right away. I like a firm pillow so when we are at a hotel with soft and fluffy, I don’t usually use one.

    Looking forward to your thoughts on the Roomba


  2. JackieBCentralTexas

    After my Cervical Spine surgery in 2007 used a memory foam contour pillow for about 8 years as it helped support my neck because the only comfy way to sleep was on my back.

    Now that have been forced to sleep on my left or right sides am back to using a regular medium hypoallergenic pillow that allows me the most comfort and support if can get to sleep at all thanks to night time leg spasms.

    Not sure if you have any carpet to use the Roomba on but sure am looking forward to your report on how it works on non-carpeted areas of home.

    Re:the dogs will have fun barking and chasing it Maria but like anything else may just get bored and find something else to vent their energy on once the newness wears off.

  3. I need a new pillow so I’m going to check out the Dough pillow.

    And I want to hear your Roomba review. I’ve always liked the idea of it, back when we had a ton of carpets. Now we have mostly wood floors with some tile and little carpet so not sure how it will work for us.

    • Madeline: I’ll only vouch for things I truly believe in and this pillow has been a lifesaver for me. I’m one of those people who has always had a hard time falling and staying asleep. This pillow has made sleeping so much easier for me. Neck aches were a common problem but not since I got this pillow.

      re: Roomba
      We have all types of floors at our house so I’ll test it everywhere before I give my report. The reviews have been promising and the friends who have one seem to like it, even though they have older versions of the Roomba.

    • Gwen: All those specialty pillows are in the same price range depending on what size you like.

      Click on any of the links and from there you can choose your size, loft and density.

      I’m just unnaturally cheap. I especially don’t like spending money on myself–something I’m trying to wean myself from.

      You will thank me. I can’t sleep without that pillow.

    • Barbara: You are lucky! I’m better off sleeping without a pillow than to use one of those.

      We were at a nice hotel recently. The bed and pillows were very plush, but I woke up with a neck ache. I have very persnickety neck bones. :O

    • Sarah: I used the buckwheat pillow for years, but the Dough pillow is much more comfortable. I like that it stays relatively cool too.

      re: Roomba
      I’ll give a full report. We’ve been fighting allergies a lot lately. I’m hoping daily vacuuming will fix some of that problem.

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