How Do You Like Your Eggs

With Easter nearly here, eggs are on sale everywhere. If you don’t raise your own chickens, now is the time to stock up.

Eggs are a cheap source of protein–unless you insist on pastured eggs. I was shocked at the price. No wonder my friends go nuts when I send them home with fresh eggs.

That’s good news if you’re on a budget and need more protein in your diet. Tuna, beans, peanut butter, and oats are also cheap sources of protein.

According to Live Science, eggs are a complete protein. It has all of the B vitamins and amino acids, as well as vitamin D. All of this for very few calories.

Eggs are so versatile. Feast your eyes on the possibilities.

• Fried
• Scrambled
• Poached
• Hard boiled
• Soft boiled
• Omelette
• Deviled
• Quiche
• Frittata
• Egg salad
• Breakfast burrito

You can have them for dinner. My neighbor does this all the time. You can doctor them up with everything from spinach to ham, asparagus to sausage. Eggs marry well with so many other ingredients.

I didn’t know this, but a quiche is an egg custard made with cream while a frittata is like a thick baked omelette. I’ve never been overly fond of either though I do have a recipe for a very tasty spinach frittata.

I’m a little picky with how my eggs are cooked. I don’t like them baked only because I think most people over bake them. There’s a tiny window between cooked and overcooked in my book.

If they aren’t fluffy and light I have two very grateful dogs that will help me out. This might be why I have such an attentive audience during breakfast.

My favorite egg dish is the omelette. I whisk mine in a bowl until it’s light and frothy. Meanwhile I quickly stir fry vegetables ahead of time so they don’t have to wait for them to cook inside the omelette.

Did you know that IHOP pours pancake batter into their omelette mix to make it fluffy?

You can also use milk, cream, water, or seltzer water. 1 tablespoon per egg. Another trick is to whip the egg whites first and then add the yolks for its final beating. The important thing is to whip air into the mixture.

Make sure your burner is set to medium high heat. Roll the egg mixture evenly in the pan, adding your vegetables and cheese. As soon as the bottom layer sets (becomes firm), fold each side gently with a rubber spatula. Top with cheese.

At this point. I turn off the heat and cover the pan for half a minute to let the residual heat melt the cheese.

How do you like your eggs? Do you have a recipe for deviled eggs you care to share?


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  1. LOL, I do omelets weird. I let the egg mixture cook until it’s brown on the bottom and jiggly on the top, then I slide it onto a plate and flip it back into the pan, so it can brown on the other side. Then I cover it with stuff and flip one side over to make a nice pouch of yummy goodness. That’s my go-to egg meal. Otherwise, I just fry them and over-easy them so nothing’s runny but the yolk. Boiled eggs gross me out.

  2. I don’t like stuff added to my scrambled eggs (like milk or water), so not a huge omelette fan here. I like my scrambled eggs on the dry side, too (keep the cheese away).

    But fried? Over easy. I want the yoke runny. I like to put them on toast and then mash them.

    I love MY deviled eggs. Mayo, salt, & vinegar to taste. After stuffing the whites, I top with paprika. Mmmmm, mmmmm, mmmmm…

    Now you’re making me hungry for eggs. 🙂

  3. I’m not a big fan of IHOP putting pancake batter into their omelettes, though some people really like it. I do like my eggs a variety of ways. I do like scrambled and over easy and loved it when I was a child and my mom would make a soft boiled egg. Loved to dip toast into it. Poached eggs are great too. My breakfast these days is two hard boiled eggs with a dash of mayo. Great protein and not too many calories. Here at Wal-Mart 18 eggs go for about $2.90. I think that’s not too bad for a good source of protein 🙂


  4. My daughter is the deviled egg fan in the family, and she makes hers by mixing the hard-boiled yokes with enough mayo to make the creamy, refilling the centers of the eggs with the mixture, and then sprinkling a bit of smoked paprika on top.

    We’re not huge egg eaters, but I do add sliced hard-boiled eggs to most of our salads, and make scrambled eggs when we have breakfast for dinner nights. I use most of my eggs for baking, meringues, macarons, etc.

    Hope this gets through the comments snafu. 🙂

    • Lynn: I tend to use more eggs for baking than eating, but then I have plenty to go around.

      re: comments
      They seem to be going through now, but still no notifications when I get a comment. This is going to be tough. I really rely on those notifications.

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