10 Life Hacks: Some Silly, A Couple with Potential

A couple of these are definitely unethical, but the fire extinguisher is just dumb. If Greg ever has to call Apple Customer Service I’ll be curious to find out if that hack works.

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  1. LOL with the flat tire one to take a picture of it for an excuse down the road. I do agree, there are a certain few that are unethical. I liked the one about the Apple customer service. I know one time I was trying to connect with customer service through the automated system and at the time we had a dog. The dog barked right when I was supposed to say something to the automation and it said “I’m sorry I didn’t understand you; I’ll connect to you a representative.” Maybe I need to record a dog barking and use it the next time 🙂


  2. The placing a red cap on a pen you don’t want stolen is fine unless you work around people who use red pens all the time. For a poetic justice alternative: collect attractive pens that are either out of ink or tend to leak, and leave those out on your desk at work. Eventually no one will steal any pens from you. This also works if you leave out mechanical pencils that have no lead.

    Pressing or saying zero while automated systems are talking to you often bypasses the bot and forwards you to an operator; no cursing required.

    Impersonating a fire fighter is a class four felony in a lot of states. I’d skip the fire extinguisher hack. 🙂

  3. Lynn: Spoken like a true pen collector. 🙂

    re: automated systems
    I can’t remember which company I was trying to reach, but for some reason I Googled them and somehow found this strange series of # and * codes to get through to an actual person. I tried it, and it worked.

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