Hide Things In Plain Sight

Some interesting hiding places for your stash. I especially like the last one.

I once put my spare keys under some brick in the dog run, thinking no one would be crazy enough to enter a dog run with rottweilers in it.  It was safe…until a certain border collie came to live with us. She must’ve caught my scent under the brick because she went for that brick only and pulled out the keys. And she was only a puppy!


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  1. It’s hard to hide things from dogs, especially border collies or any herder (our two Shelties will find a sandwich bag that the wind blew on our back two acres in under one minute flat.)

    Female sanitary product boxes were my favorite hiding places for cash when I was young and lived alone. My apartment was burglarized twice and they never found the money. Also duct-taping spare keys to the underside of the dogs’ outdoor water bowls, or inside a weather cover of an exterior electrical outlet I pretty safe. A friend of mine keeps her spare cash in plastic-wrapped bundles inside flour, sugar and rice canisters in the kitchen.

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