Harvest Time


Just an update post today. I am up to my eyeballs with harvest. The tomatoes, peppers, okra, and beans are all coming in.

I’ve done a half dozen pickled banana peppers, roasted and froze the hot peppers, diced and froze the bell peppers, and made several jars of salsa. We’ve been eating the potatoes regularly and have already started another bed. The okra hasn’t come in full force yet, so I’ve been making okra and tomatoes for side dishes. They are so delicious. Everything really is at its peak flavor.

The beans alas, were too few. I planted the few seeds my niece sent me. I don’t know what they’re called, but they’re over a foot long. Absolutely spectacular. Unfortunately, I didn’t leave any on the vine so no future seeds. If my niece is reading, send more seed. I am hooked on these beans!!

Aside from fresh eating, I’m dehydrating a lot of my tomatoes. I highly recommend dehydrating tomatoes. You get a whole new level of flavor from dried tomatoes. I don’t make mine super dry because I freeze them while they’re still flexible. They’re fantastic on pizzas and sauces.

The squash and cucumbers were done in by the squash bugs, but I might try a second planting since squash bugs are seasonal. The edamame isn’t quite ready yet. The luffas are just now flowering and fruiting.

My sister sent me some amaranth seeds. The plants are huge, but no flowers yet. I’ll have to be careful. I read that they self sow readily and I don’t want them to become invasive.

Needless to say, I’m hopping and dodging over hill and dale trying to get it all done before it spoils. If it’s not too sacrilegious, it’s the one thing about homesteading I don’t enjoy. It’s an enormous amount of work and one I usually bear alone, so it makes me a little frustrated.

Still, we’ve been eating good.

Has anyone else harvested their garden yet?

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  1. Jackie N Karl Burris

    Since the weather did not cooperate and we had multiple violent wind and hail storms we only enjoyed a short time eating our cherry tomatoes, the corn was devasted so badly first crop had to be mowed down due to wind damage and second crop has refused to grow well due to heat we guess.

    The cucumbers are finally producing and are delicious.

  2. Jackie: We didn’t plant corn this year. I was terribly disappointed the cucumber succumbed to those blasted squash bugs. I really wanted to try fermenting and pickling some cucumbers.

    The year isn’t over though, so I might try again.

    I didn’t realize you guys had such violent winds. We’ve had more rain than usual but other than that it was good weather.

  3. Maria, for some reason the weather was in a holding pattern during beginning of growing season and it alternated between several weeks of intense gusts of wind interspersed with horrible thunderstorms with really nasty hail. Between then and now Karl actually had to replant his tomato plants, his cucumbers and his corn seeds so we would have anything to eat fresh.

    The deer finally found the sweet corn but according to Karl only ate a couple of ears and stopped.

    Which was actually disappointing because that is who he planted it for, the wildlife as none of us are allowed corn in our diet anymore.


    While it sounds like a lot of work, it also sounds like healthy, fresh food straight from your garden to your plant. That’s some clean eating 🙂

    Enjoy it all!

    • Angela: I have to admit, the veggies are at their peak flavor. I don’t know if it was because our temps stayed cooler longer or if it was the extra rain, but everything has turned out exceptionally tasty. It was our lucky year–except for the squash bugs. 🙁

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