Happy Independence Day!



If you’re in the US, how do you plan to celebrate today? To all my other global friends, carry on. The noise will die down soon.


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  1. JackieBCentralTexas

    Staying home out of the traffic going home and grilling some Chicken Breasts for lunch and some Beef Franks for supper Maria. Laid back last of 3 day weekend that started off with having gas line blow in our new mobility van, leaking gas in garage and stream on driveway, had towed to Toyota dealer and found out when conversion done they left a fitting undone which worked it’s way loose.

    Then of course that was taken care of so what do you know our thermostat died on HVAC causing the house to hit 84 right around 10:30 am, luckily that just needed a new battery and my husband it so it could be reprogrammed and house cooled back down.

    No drama yesterday and today we are hoping for none either.

    Happy 4th and here is hoping Iko and his anxiety problem from fireworks is not so bad thanks to his chill pills from vet.

  2. Those were cute with the tips 🙂 I had to work today and was surprised I worked the whole day; usually I’ll run out of work halfway through the shift, but got all the hours in today. We had a gathering yesterday, now just enjoying the last of the evening before time to call it a night. Hope you had a great 4th!


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