Happy Independence Day

Independence Day

What’s going on in your part of the world this week? I mean –aside from soccer. 😀


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  1. Well no soccer here kind of chilling. We got a little rain yesterday and it looks like it wants to rain again so I decided to create some new projects for upcoming workshops. We don’t do fireworks because it upsets Dixie doodle. However we may take a drive this evening and watch from a distance. Hope you day is amazing – CelebrateFreedom!

  2. betty

    It was interesting in one of the cities close by here didn’t do fireworks because of the extreme drought we are in. They did drones instead, color coordinated and made shapes like the flag, etc. I just saw it on TV, not in person, but it was fascinating to see. I still like the thrill of a firework show with the loud noise, etc., but definitely an alternative when weather conditions prevent the traditional show. Lots of cities in the area canceled their shows because of the threat of fires breaking out.

    Just glad I live in a country where we have the freedoms we do 🙂


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