Grill Mats: Best Cooking Gadget

On a lark, one Christmas I bought Greg some grill mats for his barbecue grill/smoker. They sat in their package for quite a while before he decided to use them for some fish he wanted to smoke.

He was impressed and said it was the best thing he had ever used on the grill. It kept delicate food from sticking, it was reusable, and it was easy to clean.

Fast forward a few months, and I had gotten my new Breville toaster oven. I didn’t want a repeat of my last oven which was impossible to clean on the best of days, so I stole one of the mats leftover in the package reserved for Greg’s grill.

Now it was my turn to be impressed. Both toaster oven and mat are ridiculously easy to keep clean. Grease falls on the mat instead the machine. Warm sudsy water is all I need to keep it clean. Dry and return them to the bottom of the oven.

Maria like easy.

If you’ve never tried grill mats, I heartily recommend them. They’ll make life so much easier. You can cut them to fit whatever size you need. I have used the same mat for almost a year now and it still looks brand new.

One last tip: You see grill mats, baking mats, and copper mats at various price points. I’ve bought two different brands, checked other brands at stores and read their description. As best as I can tell, unless you’re getting oversized or thicker mats, they are virtually identical. Buy the cheaper multi-pack. I’ve used them for baking, grilling, and roasting and they are completely interchangeable.

These are the two brands I’ve bought. The first one was the standard 16 x 13 inches, and the second is 20 x 13. There are also round mats which are nice if you bake a lot of cakes or pizzas. You can click on the pictures for the link.



Have you ever used grill mats or bbqing or baking? I am totally sold on these. You can wash them in the dishwasher but I prefer to wash them by hand and then hang them on the clothes line.

Oops: I’m late today. Yesterday, we gave ourselves a day off because we’d been hitting it hard for the past few days burning brush, washing cars, wrangling goats (for hoof trimming), cleaning, and reworking the landscaping around Greg’s shop.

We went to see Guardians of the Galaxy 2 as a reward. When we got back, the work from the last few days caught up with me and I had an uncontrollable desire to take a nap. (Unheard of for me!) As a result I forgot to put this post on the schedule. Oops. Must be getting old.


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  1. Angela Brown

    I’m not a griller but I will make a recommendation to a couple of grillers I know.

    Oh, I hope you both enjoyed Guardians of the Galaxy II. Been hearing good things about it.

    • Maria Zannini

      Angela: I use it more in my oven than Greg does on the grill. Food just slides off. No fuss, no muss.

      Re: Guardians
      It was good. Greg liked it a little better than me.

    • Linda: I use it more for baking than grilling, but you can really see the value when you grill. Less mess.

      re: Guardians
      I’m debating doing a proper review. I think it’s a must see for summer entertainment. It settled a lot of back story questions, and showed what being a real family was about.

      I had some issues with it, but nothing major. I like the first movie a bit more than the second only because the story line was more linear and clear cut.

  2. Never heard of grill mates, but going to keep my eyes open for them. Sounds like a handy “gadget” with many uses. We might see Guardians of the Galaxy 2 this weekend. I’m sure hubby will enjoy it more than me, but always good to get out and do something together 🙂


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